Eurail یک مجوز قطاری برای سفر کم هزینه با قطار در 28 کشور اروپایی است. یک بررسی کلی از تمامی انواع بلیط های Eurail، مسیر های قطار شب و انواع قطار ها دریافت کنید. برای چه رزرواسیون های اضافی ای باید هزینه بپردازید و چگونه از این هزینه ها اجتناب کنید. کمک رایگان در انجمن Eurail. یافتن و جستجوی همسفر در جامعه Eurail.

What is Eurail Pass?

Eurail is a rail pass for unlimited train travel in 33 countries of Europe. Eurail brings together the major European rail operators and allows you to travel across Europe with a single pass instead of single tickets for each connection. Some trains might require a seat reservation before boarding. The pass also gives you a discount for ferries and buses. Eurail pass is managed by Eurail Group based in the Netherlands.

Who can use Eurail Pass?

Eurail pass is valid for all non-EU citizens (excluding Russia and Turkey - they have to use Interrail).
You must buy a pass before you get to Europe. Eurail - is a paper ticket (e-tickets are not yet available), therefore the ticket has to be delivered to your home address by mail and it’s impossible to buy the Eurail pass inside the EU.

Where is Eurail valid?

Eurail pass allows you to travel in 33 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Which Eurail Pass to buy?

Basically, there are two types of Eurail Pass: One Country Pass and Global Pass. As you could guess from the names:
  • Eurail One Country Pass is only valid in a single country or a small region (like the Benelux pass and Scandinavia pass). It’s the best option if you’re going to travel a lot within a single country.
  • Eurail Global Pass is valid in all 33 participating countries, including cross-border trains. It’s the best choice if you’re going to visit multiple countries.
Regarding the validity period there are:
  • Flexible pass is valid for a number of days during one or two months. It means that you could use trains, for example, 3 days during a month. Available for both Global and One Country passes.
  • Continuous pass is valid continuously during the whole validity period. Available for Global Pass only.
The pass price, like train ticket prices, depends on the traveler's age and class (first or second).
By traveler’s age there are four groups:
  • Child, 0-11 years, free of charge.
  • Youth, 12-27 years, discounted price.
  • Adult, 28-59 years, full price.
  • Senior, 60+ years, discounted price.
All passes come into two classes: 1st class and 2nd class.
  • The first class offers high comfort, more legroom and more comfortable seats. Overall, the passenger has more space and service available.
  • The second class in Europe is very comfortable as well. Most Europeans travel in second class. People are usually more communicative compared to the first class where you will find mainly business travellers.
  • The main difference is that first class is usually less crowded which is an advantage on popular routes at peak times.
With a first class pass you can also travel in second class. Vice versa, an additional ticket upgrade is required.
If you’re not sure which pass fits best to your journey, place your question in our travel forum. Briefly describe your route and our travel experts match the best pass for you.

How does Eurail Pass work?

In short: you hop on & off different trains which you need to fill in the travel diary attached to your pass. For some trains you have to make a seat reservation online or at the train station before departure.

Let’s take a closer look at Eurailing. An average Eurail trip consists of the following stages:
  1. You choose a pass type and buy it online via the official seller. It’s impossible to buy Eurail inside Europe. The pass will be delivered to your home address (only paper tickets are available).
  2. You make/buy reservations before your journey. Reservation might be optional or compulsory, free of charge or with an extra fee. Usually regional trains don’t need any reservation, while high-speed and night trains require a reservation. You could check reservation guidelines here.
  3. Before your first train trip you have to activate your pass at a railway station - an official will fill in the start and end day of your pass, your passport number and stamp your Eurail pass. New: you can now activate your Eurail pass for free when ordering on the official reseller website.
  4. While travelling you fill manually in a travel diary attached to your pass with a pen: before you board a train fill in the departure time, the departure station and your destination station for each train segment! Only then your pass is valid in the eyes of the train staff.

Where to activate Eurail Pass?

Eurail Pass has to be activated within 11 months upon purchasing date.
You have two options for activation:
  • Pre-activate your pass at the purchase via the official reseller. It’s the easiest way, as you avoid queues at the train station and your pass will be ready to use. You have to fill in travel dates and your passport number while placing an order.
  • Activate your pass at large train stations in Europe. An official at the train station will fill in the start and the end date of your trip and your passport number. You could choose this option if you’re not sure about your travel dates and buy a pass in advance.

How is ONE day defined in the Eurail Pass?

Travel day - is a day when you use any Eurail transport (train/ferry/bus).

One travel day is from 00:01 am until 11:59 pm. You can use as many trains as you want in this time frame.

If you enter a night train in the evening (example at 8:30 pm), fill in the date of your departure day. It counts as only one travel day (the date of departure) even if the arrival is on the next morning.
Example: In the morning you travel from Rome to Venice. You spent the whole day in Venice for sightseeing. In the evening you get in the night train in Venice to Paris. All this is counted as ONE travel day on your pass - with the date of your departure in the morning in Rome.

How to make reservations with an Eurail Pass?

There are two ways to make Eurail reservations: online or at the train station before departure. We recommend making reservations in advance online: since some trains have a limited number of Eurail seats, the reservation upfront guarantees you a seat.

To make a reservation online:
Let's have a look on the famous Nightjet night train of Austrian State Railways ÖBB. They cover their network Central and Western Europe. To make a reservation for the type of accommodation you prefer in the Nightjet, go to the website of Austrian State Railways. Fill in departure and destination (example Vienna and Rome). Select the option “Seat only (no ticket)”. Under “Who is going?” select “Add discount” with the option “Interrail/Eurail Pass”. In the next step choose the seat type, couchette or sleeper and make the payment. Your Eurail reservation comes per email. Now your Nightjet ticket is booked and you can enjoy the journey overnight.

How much do Eurail reservations cost?

Reservation price depends on train type. Here is the price range for the most common trains:

Train type


Price range


Not required or optional


High-speed trains

Optional or required



Optional or required


Night trains



Where to buy Eurail Pass?

We recommend to buy Eurail Pass on the official website
They offer worldwide delivery and provide the best prices.

When does Eurail offer promotion?

Eurail usually offers promotion in the spring and in late autumn. They provide up to 10% discount.
You can buy a Eurail pass up to 11 months in advance.

Is Eurail Pass worth the price or are saver-fares tickets the cheaper choice?

You can choose between an Eurail Pass and normal train tickets. There are other regional passes, but they are less relevant (Swiss Rail Pass, Balkan Flexi Pass, ...).

What advantages do you have with an Eurail Pass:
  • ✅ Flexibility: you can move freely in Europe without having to plan and fix every day of your journey in advance. Follow the sun or join other travellers.
    It's convenient not to have to plan your entire trip to Europe in advance. The longer you travel, the more you would notice how your travel habits change, e.stay at one place longer than planned or travel all day long.
    Eurail takes the pressure off you and makes your trip a pleasant experience.
  • ✅ Value for money: Of course, you will always find discounted train tickets. But these are limited and restricted. Do the calculation for your trip and you will soon find out that the cost per day is often lower with Eurail than with normal train tickets. This is especially the case if you travel long distances.
    Best examples are Great Britain and Germany: standard train tickets are very expensive - a train pass will save you a lot of money here.

What you have to consider with an Eurail Pass:
❌ Reservations: some trains require an extra reservation. These are usually high-speed-trains and night trains. In some countries you can travel free with Eurail (e.g. Germany). In others you need a reservation for nearly every train (e.g. Spain).
Often you can easily buy these reservations online - we explain how to do here on Of course, they can also be sold out in high season, so you have to be flexible. But there is almost always a way to avoid these extra reservations and find an alternative route. I promise!

What are the advantages of normal train tickets:
Cheap with fixed travel plans: if your travel time and destinations are fixed well in advance, you can buy cheap discount tickets online from the different railway companies. It usually works quite simple.
In my opinion, this is an interesting option for trips of less than two weeks and a maximum of five trips.

What you need to consider with discounted tickets:
No flexibility: with your discount tickets you are bound to booked dates and times. Since these are usually neither exchangeable nor refundable. This means that you cannot spontaneously change your travel plan.

At the end of the day it is also a question of what type of traveler you are.
Rather the "everything must be planned exactly in advance" type - which is better served with discount train tickets. Or the "comfortable, free and flexible" type for whom the Eurail Pass is the perfect choice because of its simplicity. Just get on a train and start your journey - of course, check with us beforehand for reservations - see above.
Of course, you also have to take a look at the costs and calculate roughly. But if you have time, if you want to be comfortable, if you like it simple and relaxed, choose the Eurail Pass. You will collect unforgettable memories to share with your families and friends over and over again.

Buy Eurail pass or ask a question in our travel forum!

مجوز Eurail Global

Eurail Global Pass بلیط شما برای گشت و گذار در اروپا به وسیله قطار است. می توانید از مسافرت نامحدود در 28 کشور به مدت حداکثر سه ماه کامل لذت ببرید. چه بخواهید مسافرت کوتاهی به دریای مدیترانه داشته باشید، فراتر از دایره قطب شمال به اسکاندیناوی سفر کنید یا تور بزرگ اروپا را تجربه کنید، می توانید مطمئن باشید که مجوز سفر Eurail مناسب نیاز های تان خواهد بود. Eurail فقط برای افراد ساکن در خارج از اروپا قابل دسترسی است.

مجوز Eurail One Country

Eurail One Country Pass بلیط شما برای گشت و گذار دریک کشور اروپایی به وسیله قطار است. با داشتن 3، 4، 5 یا 8 روز مسافرتی در محدوده زمانی یک ماهه می توانید مسافرت انعطاف پذیری داشته باشید. اگر می خواهید فقط یک کشور را ببینید گزینه ایده آلی است. البته که می توانید مجوز های تک کشوره را جهت بازدید از چندین کشور با هم استفاده کنید اما در این صورت توصیه می کنیم که طیف مجوز های Eurail Global Pass را بررسی کنید چرا که این موارد می توانند برای چنین مسافرت هایی بهای بهتری داشته باشند.

eurail Plus

مجوز Eurail رسمی خود را از لینک شریک خریداری کنید. یک حساب کاربری PLUS به صورت رایگان در دریافت کنید. با خرید خود از اطلاعات رایگان ارائه شده در حمایت می کنید. با تشکر از شما!

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