Interrail One Country Pass

One Country Pass is your ticket to explore single European countries by train. Flexible travel on 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 travel days within one month. Ideal if you want to visit only one country. Of course you can also combine One Country Passes for several countries but in that case we recommend to also check the range of Interrail Global Passes as these can be better value for such trips.

  • Select from 29 One Country Passes
  • Explore 1000s of destinations in a single country
  • Use as many trains (ferries, buses) per day as you wish and make stops when you want
  • Move fast from A to B on high-speed trains, enjoy the scenery outside the train-window with slow regional trains, or even save money on hotel by using night sleeper trains.
  • Travel cheaper with your family: pass for children under 11 is free!
  • Get discounts on ferries, buses, museums and other interrail partners
  • Get an extra discount of you are under 27 or over 60

One country pass prices 2020

اتریش از 127 یورو
بلغارستان از 51 یورو
کرواسی از 51 یورو
جمهوری چک از 51 یورو
دانمارک از 105 یورو
فرانسه از 127 یورو
فنلاند از 105 یورو
آلمان از 166 یورو
انگلستان از 166 یورو
یونان از 80 یورو
مجارستان از 80 یورو
ایتالیا از 105 یورو

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