La ligne Iron Ore Line passe à travers les paysages spectaculaires du nord de la Suède et de la Norvège. De Lulea sur la mer Baltique à Narvik sur la mer du Nord.



The Iron Ore Line runs through the beautiful and rough landscapes of northern Sweden and Norway, connecting Lulea on the Baltic Sea with Narvik on the North Sea. It was built to transport iron ore from the mines around Gällivare and Kiruna to the two ports at the ends of the line which today still is its main purpose. Luckily for travellers there are two daily trains reaching Narvik, the northernmost passenger station of Europe.

The part of the line from Kiruna via Abisko to Narvik is exceptionally beautiful, taking you through fascinating and rough scenery. Abisko is the gateway to the national park of the same name as well as starting point of Kungsleden. After passing the border to Norway the line steeply descends to Narvik. Trains run high above a fjord, providing magnificent views.

There are two daily trains between Lulea and Narvik, one of them is the night train from Stockholm to Narvik. Additional services run from Lulea via Gällivare to Kiruna. Seat reservations are not needed, only for travelling overnight to/from Stockholm. In direction of Narvik you should sit on the right hand side to get the best views. In Gällivare you will find connections to the Inlandsbanan services.


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