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Kroatië: Tickets for domestic travel are best bought locally at a station but can also be purchased only for most domestic routes on the website of HZ (Croatian Railways). Advance fare tickets for international travel are currently available locally only.

HR Kroatië - AT Oostenrijk

To travel from Croatia to Austria by train, first buy a train ticket of Croatian railways for example up to Zagreb. From Zagreb (or also some other cities in Croatia) buy a "Sparschiene" saver ticket to Austria.

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HR Kroatië - BA Bosnië-Herzegovina

If you want to travel from Croatia to Bosnia-Herzegovina by train, buy your ticket locally at a station. There are no online tickets available.

The only international service to Bosnia-Herzegovina is the train from Zagreb to Sarajevo. Unfortunately, this connection has been suspended in December 2016.
All other international lines have been closed for several years.

At the moment, it is only possible to get to Bosnia-Herzegovina by bus.

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HR Kroatië - CH Zwitserland

If you want to travel from Croatia to Switzerland by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in Croatia.

There is one daily night train available from Zagreb (Croatia) to Zurich (Switzerland).

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HR Kroatië - DE Duitsland

Tickets from Zagreb and selected other stations in Croatia to Germany are available from DB (German Railways) via our partner link.

Advance fare tickets (Sparpreis Europa) offer very attractive fares and are available for many routes from Croatia through Slovenia and Austria to Germany.

If you need to start your travel from cities in Croatia where no ticket is available from online, buy your online ticket from the first possible station and get the ticket for the remaining part in Croatia locally. Ensure to plan with enough time for changing trains to cope for possible delays!

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HR Kroatië - HU Hongarije

To travel from Croatia to Hungary by train, buy your tickets from a station in Croatia. A number of offers is available, for instance Sparschiene tickets from 19€ for the single trip Zagreb - Budapest. Online tickets are only available from Hungarian Railways MAV START and have to be printed from ticket machines at stations in Hungary!

There are two daily express trains between Zagreb and Budapest and night trains from Split and Rijeka to Budapest during the summer months.

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HR Kroatië - IT Italië

To travel from Croatia to Italy, make use of the ferry connections from Split (Croatia) to Ancona (Italy) or Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Bari (Italy). If you want to travel the whole route by train, travel via Zagreb (Croatia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia). Then to Nova Gorica (Slovenia), cross the border to Gorizia (Italy) and on to your destination in Italy.

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HR Kroatië - ME Montenegro

Er is geen spoorwegverbinding tussen Kroatië en Montenegro. Als u in de omgeving van Split en Dubrovnik aan de Adriatische kust verblijft dan is het het beste om de bus te nemen van Dubrovnik naar Herceg Novi – Kotor – Podgorica. Als u in Zagreb verblijft dan kunt u met de trein naar Split reizen en vervolgens met de bus of u kunt met de trein naar Belgrado, daar kunt u overstappen op de trein naar Podgorica.

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HR Kroatië - RS Servië

Als u met de trein van Kroatië naar Servië wilt reizen, dan kunt u uw kaartje ter plaatse op het treinstation in Kroatië kopen. Er is momenteel dagelijks één treinverbinding tussen beide landen op de hoofdlijn van Zagreb naar Belgrado.

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HR Kroatië - SI Slovenië

Για να ταξιδέψετε από τη Κροατία στη Σλοβενία με τρένο, αγοράστε το εισιτήριό σας τοπικά από κάποιο σταθμό στη Κροατία. Διατίθενται διάφορα μειωμένα εισιτήρια, όπως για παράδειγμα το Ljubljana Spezial από το Ζάγκρεμπ προς την Λιουμπλιάνα: απλό 9 €, επιστροφής 18 €. Δεν διατίθενται εισιτήρια online, παρά μονάχα στους σταθμoύς. Υπάρχουν διάφορες σιδηροδρομικές γραμμές μεταξύ της Κροατίας και της Σλοβενίας, η πιο σημαντική εκ των οποίων είναι η κύρια γραμμή από το Ζάγκρεμπ προς τη Λιουμπλιάνα μέσω του συνοριακού περάσματος Savski Marof/ Dobova. Εδώ θα βρείτε αρκετά διεθνή εξπρές τρένα. Υπάρχουν όμως και άλλες κύριες. διεθνείς γραμμές από τη Pula προς τη Λιουμπλιάνα και από τη Rijeka προς τη Λιουμπλιάνα.

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