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Puola: Train tickets for Intercity services in Poland are available online. International tickets are currently available only for inbound journeys from other railway companies, PKP IC (Polish Railways) dont sell international tickets online.
Osta junalippu juna-asemalta. Huom: joissakin maissa peritään palvelumaksu lipputiskiltä ostetuista lipuista. Lipun voi ostaa lähtömaassa sijaitsevalta juna-asemalta, joskus myös muista maista.


EN 21E/404 Moskova - PrahaEN 21E/404/101 Moskova - WienEN 23J/452 Moskova - PariisiEN 402 Krakova - BudapestEN 402 Krakova - WienEN 402 Krakova - PrahaEN 405/22A Praha - MoskovaEN 405/52B Praha - PietariEN 406 Wien - VarsovaEN 407 Varsova - BudapestEN 407 Varsova - WienEN 407/444 Varsova - PrahaEN 441/14M Berliini - MoskovaEN 443/403 Praha - KrakovaEN 445/406 Praha - VarsovaEN 453/24J Pariisi - MoskovaEN 476 Budapest - VarsovaEN 476 Budapest - KrakovaEN 50406 Wien - KrakovaEN 57M/404/101 Pietari - WienEN 9S Moskova - VarsovaTLK 18170/1 Varsova - ŚwinoujścieTLK 18171 Varsova - Gorzów WielkopolskiTLK 18171 Varsova - Szklarska PorębaTLK 18172/3 Białystok - SzczecinTLK 33174 Przemyśl - GdyniaTLK 33500 Krynica-Zdrój - GdyniaTLK 33501 Gdynia - Krynica-ZdrójTLK 34170 Krakova - GdyniaTLK 34190 Zakopane - GdyniaTLK 35170/1 Zakopane - GdyniaTLK 37170 Krakova - ŚwinoujścieTLK 38170/1 Krakova - KołobrzegTLK 38174/5 Przemyśl - SzczecinTLK 38190/1 Krakova - ŚwinoujścieTLK 38194/5 Przemyśl - ŚwinoujścieTLK 38196/7 Zakopane - SzczecinTLK 45170/1 Bielsko-Biała - GdyniaTLK 53170 Gdynia - PrzemyślTLK 53170/1 Gdynia - ZakopaneTLK 54170 Gdynia - KrakovaTLK 54170 Gdynia - ZakopaneTLK 54170/1 Gdynia - Bielsko-BiałaTLK 56170/1 Gdynia - Jelenia GóraTLK 65170/1 Jelenia Góra - GdyniaTLK 66116 Szklarska Poręba - VarsovaTLK 67 Kiova - VarsovaTLK 68 Varsova - KiovaTLK 81170/1 Świnoujście - VarsovaTLK 81171 Świnoujście - KrakovaTLK 81172/3 Szczecin - BiałystokTLK 83170/1 Kołobrzeg - KrakovaTLK 83174/5 Szczecin - PrzemyślTLK 83190/1 Świnoujście - KrakovaTLK 83194/5 Świnoujście - PrzemyślTLK 83196/7 Szczecin - ZakopaneTLK 88170 Gorzów Wielkopolski - Varsova

PL Puola AT Itävalta

To travel by train from Poland to Austria, connections are available by day and direct night trains.

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PL Puola BY Valko-Venäjä

If you want to travel from Poland to Belarus by train, buy your train ticket locally at a train station in Poland.

There are daily connections available from Warsaw (Poland) via Brest (Belarus) to Minsk (Belarus).

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PL Puola CZ Tšekki

To travel by train from Poland to the Czech Republic, connections are available by day and direct night trains.

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PL Puola DE Saksa

Tickets from Warsaw and selected other stations in Poland to Germany are available from DB (German Railways) via our partner link.

Advance fare tickets (Sparpreis Europa) offer very attractive fares and are valid for direct routes (Poland-Berlin) or via Czech Republic.

If you need to start your travel from cities in Poland where no ticket is available from online, buy your online ticket from the first possible station and get the ticket for the remaining part in Poland locally - it is also possible to try to get it online via PKP. Ensure to plan with enough time for changing trains to cope for possible delays!

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PL Puola FR Ranska

To travel by train from Poland to France, you have the direct night trains Moscow to Paris and Nice (not daily) with stop in Warsaw. Otherwise split your trip with a stop in Germany (Berlin, Cologne or Frankfurt).

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PL Puola HU Unkari

To travel by train from Poland to Hungary, the direct night trains from Warsaw and Krakow to Budapest are a good option.

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PL Puola LT Liettua

To travel by train from Poland to Lithuania, you have currently only a connection on weekends. Therefore a bus is the easiest way. Have a look at the booking links. For updated details, read our blog.

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PL Puola RU Venäjä

To travel by train from Poland to Russia, you have several direct trains.

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PL Puola SE Ruotsi

If you want to travel the direct way from Poland to Sweden, make use of a ferry.

First travel by train to Gdansk or Świnoujście (Poland).

From Gdansk (Poland) continue by ferry to Nynäshamn (Sweden). There you change to a direct suburban train to Stockholm main railway station (1,15h, EUR 3).

From Świnoujście (Poland) continue to Ystad (Sweden). The ferry terminal in Ystad is close to the railway station, just walk.

Finally continue by train from Nynäshamn/Stockholm or Ystad to your destination.

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PL Puola SK Slovakia

If you want to travel from Poland to Slovakia by train, the best option is to take the route via the Czech Republic. A direct day train runs from Warsaw via Katowice, Ostrava and Breclav to Bratislava and night trains run from Warsaw and Krakow to Bratislava on the same route. In Ostrava there are connections to Zilina - Kosice.

Alternatively you can travel between directly from Poland to Slovakia via the Zwardon - Skalite border crossing. However, there are only slow regional trains running there. Another border crossing is between Lupkow and Medzilaborce however there are only two trains at summer weekends. Another option is to take a bus from Zakopane across the High Tatra mountains to Poprad.

Tickets are only available at train stations. Special advance fares are available as well at stations in Poland.

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PL Puola UA Ukraina

Buy your train tickets from Poland to Ukraine at a train station. There are no online tickets available for international journeys.

There are night trains from Warsaw to Kyiv as well as from Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow to Lviv. All of these trains cross the border in the night. There is also a train during the day, running from Przemysl to Lviv and Kyiv.

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