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Important tips on how to Eurail. What is Eurail. What is a travel day. The 1900h rule for night trains. Which trains are included. Where to buy.

What is Eurail?

Eurail is a train ticket that allows unlimited travel with the trains of the participating railway companies in 28 European countries.

Who can travel with Eurail?

Eurail is available for citizens living outside of Europe.

Which Eurail passes are available?

Basically there are three different versions of Eurail passes: The Eurail Global passes are valid in all 28 countries and offer a number of travel days within a timeframe between 5 days and three full months.
The Eurail Select passes, to travel in two, three or four bordering countries.
And the Eurail One Country passes are available for single countries and available for a number of travel days within one month.

What is a travel day?

Eurail One Country, Eurail Select and Eurail Global passes offer a certain number of travel days within a timeframe of up to three months. For example the "7 days in 1 month" Eurail Global pass includes seven travel days within a period of one month. Within one month you can freely choose seven days on which you can use all trains of the participating railway companies. You don't have to determine these travel days during the buying process, this can be done during your trip.
A travel day starts at 00:00 (00:00 am) and ends at 23:59 (11:59 pm), during this time you can make unlimited train trips and changes. If you have such a flexible pass, you can make use of the "19:00-rule", for more details on that, see below.

What is the 7pm-rule (19:00h)?

If you are travelling with a flexible Pass and want to use a night train that departs from a city on day A after 19:00 (07:00 pm) and arrives at your destination on the following day (day B) after 04:00 (04:00 am) you do not have to fill in day A as a travel day – it is sufficient to fill in day B only.
Of course this only works if you do not use your pass for other train trips on day A! Also, your Eurail pass has to be valid on both day A and B.
The 19:00-rule also applies for trips with overnight ferries that are included in Eurail, for example between Greece and Italy. On night ferries the 19:00-rule can be used the other way around too, so that you only enter the day of departure (day A) but do not have to fill in day B.

How long is one month?

Most Eurail passes are valid one full month. The exact number of days depends on the month and can range from 28 to 31 days. For example, if the first day of validity is February 4 (starts at 00:01), the pass is valid 28 days until March 3 (ends 23:59 / 11:59 pm). On the other hand, if the first day of validity is July 22, the pass is valid 31 days until August 21.

Is there anything extra to pay for?

While the Eurail pass is your ticket for all trains of the participating railway companies, it does not cover additional costs such as seat reservations or reservations for beds on night trains. These reservations have to be bought separately and are compulsory for travel on certain trains. The fares for these reservations normally range between EUR 1 and EUR 10 in 2nd class but can be more expensive on some high speed trains. However, on most routes you also have alternative connections available which can be used without extra reservations.

Which trains can I use with the Eurail pass?

Eurail is valid in all trains of the state railways of each participating country. Additionally many private railways also accept Eurail or give a discount.

How do I use my Eurail pass?

First you have to activate your Eurail pass before you travel starts. Either directly in our Eurail partner shop when you place your order. Or at an European railway station. Both for free of course.

If you are travelling with an flexible Eurail Global pass or Eurail Select or One Country pass, you have to fill in each travel day (day and month) in the travel calendar on your pass (pen with blue or black ink) before you board the first train on that day. If you are travelling with an Eurail Consecutive pass (valid for several continuous days) you do not have to fill in travel days as you can travel on each day of validity.

Besides entering travel days in the travel calendar on your pass you also have to fill in the travel report, attached to all Eurail Global passes. In the travel report you have to fill in the date, departure time, departure and arrival station. If you are using two trains to get from city A to city C and change trains in city B you have to make entries in the travel report: from city A to city B as well as from city B to city C.

You have to fill in each travel day before you board the first train on that day. The travel report also has to be filled in before you board each train. During a ticket inspection it is normally sufficient to show your Eurail pass only. However, the conductor can also ask for your passport or ID which you have used for buying the Eurail pass (passport or ID number will be printed on the Eurail pass).

What can I do if I have used all available lines of the travel report?

You can download additional travel report pages here.

Can I use multiple passes?

Of course you can combine several Eurail passes if you intend on travelling longer than the given rail pass options.

Are there additional discounts available?

In many countries you will get additional discounts not only for transportation (ferries and private train companies) but also for accommodation and tourist attractions.

Do I have to use a travel day for travelling with discounted transportation?

If you are using a train or ferry where you get an Eurail discount you do not have to use a travel day, unless you are going to use other trains that are included in Eurail on that day.

Does the Eurail pass include travel on public transport (metro, tramway, bus)?

Eurail does not cover travelling on public transportation, except suburban trains which are operated by train companies which accept Eurail.

Where can I buy Eurail ?

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