Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges (SNCB)


معلومات عن القطار Local (L) . كيفية حجز تذاكرLocal (L). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

Local trains connect smaller towns and villages to larger cities and the Intercity network. They stop at all stations and usually offer 2nd and 1st class seats. Several different types of trains are used for Local services. Typically, some types of trains are used for both Intercity and Local services, both train types being separated only by their stopping pattern.

- AM08: modern EMU, low-floor, air-condition, equipped for passengers with reduced mobility, bicycle transport, power sockets
- AM73, AM75, AM80, AM86: older EMU, bicycle transport
- AR41: DMU, bicycle transport

No seat reservation possible.