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Feuerkugel Erfurt Feuerkugel Erfurt

The Feuerkugel in Erfurt is a restaurant with tradition. You get real Thuringian cuisine and of course the famous Thuringian dumplings ("Thüringer Klöße") which I definitely recommend! Often I dont want to eat too much so I order "Kloß mit Soße" (dumplings with...

Restaurant Zum Goldenen Schwan in Erfurt Restaurant Zum Goldenen Schwan in Erfurt
Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Schwan in Erfurt

The Restaurant Zum Goldenen Schwan in Erfurt offers regional German cuisine and is located right in the "bar district". Cosy restaurant, conservatory (usually a bit cold, therefore not suitable in cold weather for a long stay). In summer, large beer garden in the backyard "Krönbacken". Opening...

Brasserie zum Mainzerhof in Erfurt Brasserie zum Mainzerhof in Erfurt

Cosy restaurant just steps away from the tourist bustle (on the site at the new theater, right behind the Cathedral). Good food, good prices. Highly recommended: Thuringian Rostbrätl. Opening times: Sun - Fri 12-24h Sat 17-24h

Faust Food Faust Food

First Erfurt indoor grill. Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday from 11:00 - 23:00 h Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00 h

Greek Restaurant Artemis Greek Restaurant Artemis
Griechisches Restaurant Artemis

The "Artemis" is a Greek restaurant in Erfurt's historic district, right on the water. Since it is not on the main tourist paths, it often remains undetected for non-residents. But it is a "secret" among the inhabitants of the town and therefore still always well attended. Reserve in...

Restaurant Zum Schildchen & Zum Eisernen Handschuh Restaurant Zum Schildchen & Zum Eisernen Handschuh
Wirtshaus Zum Schildchen & Zum Eisernen Handschuh

A restaurant, which is rather undetected because it is not on the main tourist paths. *** Opening and kitchen hours *** Open daily 10:00-01:00h * Kitchen * daily hot meals: 10:00-22:00h snacks: until 23:00h

Prager Bierstube Prager Bierstube

Restaurant Da Vinci Restaurant Da Vinci

Italian restaurant located directly at "Brühler Garten" and the theatre. No tourists, as located BEHIND the cathedral - and for most tourists the tour stops at the cathedrals place. Open daily from 10:30h. Reasonably priced lunch menu = pasta dish for 4.90 EUR. You can choose from three...

gelbe Nudeln mit Lachs
gelbe Nudeln mit Lachs

La Gondola La Gondola

The "La Gondola" is an Italian restaurant in Erfurt's Old Town, right on the water. It's always nice to spend a warm summer evening on the patio. Despite the great location you have acceptable prices. We love to come again and again.

Restaurant Pier 37 Restaurant Pier 37

The "Pier37" is located in the historic old town, right on the water. Very pleasant atmosphere. Excellent cuisine. Open daily from 11:00h. Monday to Friday at unchtime a special lunch offer. Very well attended, so a table reservation is recommended.

HENNER Sandwiches in Erfurt HENNER Sandwiches in Erfurt
HENNER-Sandwiches in Erfurt

For my home-town Erfurt I can give you a tip on where to grab a bite. Those who don't want to eat an other Thuringian Bratwurst, should get a soup, a sandwich or a salad at HENNER HENNER is centrally located in the city center. It is hard to find for tourists because it is in a small street...


Eiscafé Polo Eiscafé Polo

How many times I've been running at this ice cream parlor over? I never gave it a try - but now I have to say: try it, it is definitely worth! Open every day from 09:00 to 21:00 h. From 09:00 to 13:00 h they offer a breakfast in different variations. The simplest one is the "Italian breakfast"...

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