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关于D-Zug (D)列车的信息。如何订购D-Zug (D)列车票。寻找更多关于列车的图片与影片。

"D" used to be long-distance national and international express trains (so-called "Durchgangsschnellzug"). Nowadays, there are not many international "D" trains left, instead they are usually relief trains on the main routes from/to Vienna, running at peak times and days only. Some international trains also run as "D" trains.

- Intercity carriages with compartments and open-plan seating.
- Air-condition
- Power sockets
- most trains convey 2nd class seats only
- international trains consist of trains of other railway companies (Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian Railways)

Reservation is possible on international services and in some carriages of domestic services. However you usually do not need a reservation as the domestic "D" trains are rather relief services for commuters (which means that they can get quite full but on the other hand they are not so useful for tourists).

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2等舱: EUR 3,50

1等舱: EUR 3,50