Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)


معلومات عن القطار D-Zug (D) . كيفية حجز تذاكرD-Zug (D). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

"D" used to be long-distance national and international express trains. Nowadays, "D" trains are usually relief trains on the main routes from/to Vienna, running at peak times and days only. They consist of older Intercity carriages with compartments and open-plan seating. They have air-condition and plugs, however no bistro service or Wifi is available. "D" trains are 2nd class only normally.

   Wien - Linz; Wien - Villach

الحجوزات ممكنة ولكنها ليست إلزامية

المستوى الثاني: EUR 3,50

المستوى الأول: EUR 3,50