Flåmsbana (FLAM)


معلومات عن القطار Flåmsbana (FLAM-R) . كيفية حجز تذاكرFlåmsbana (FLAM-R). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

The trains on Flam railway consists of older carriages with comfortable seats in open-plan arrangements with 3 seats on one side of the corrider and 2 seats on the other. Some windows can be opened. Read the blog for more details - see link below.

Prices Myrdal - Flåm

One-way: NOK 360
Return: NOK 480

Interrail and Eurail pass holders get 30% discount on one-way tickets
One-way: NOK 250
Return: No discount

Seat reservation not possible.

   Myrdal - Flåm

Buy the train ticket at a railway station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter. The ticket can be purchased at a station in the country of departure, also sometimes in other countries.