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Renfe Operadora (RENFE)

Eurail و Arco (ARCO). كيفية شراء حجز أو هل يمكنني السفر مجاناً. معلومات القطار، والصور، وملفات الفيديو.


حجوزات قطار Eurail
Arco is the designation for two long distance trains running on the conventional network in the north of Spain. The train consist of two portions: one from Irun to A Coruna, the other from Bilbao to Vigo. Between Miranda de Ebro and Ourense, these two portions run combined. The train is 2nd class (Turista) only and consists of older, air-conditioned carriages with an open-plan seat arrangement. The portion from/to Irun also conveys are bistro compartment.

   Irun - A Coruna | Bilbao - Vigo

مطلوب الحجز

المستوى الثاني: EUR 6,50

المستوى الأول: ?


Buy the reservation at a railway station. Reservations are usually available at stations in all countries where a particular train runs through. In many countries, especially in central and eastern Europe you can also buy reservations for trains in other countries.
In some countries (for instance in the Netherlands or Spain) you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter.
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