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Netherlands to Berlin and Frankfurt for 30 Euro


Travel by train from the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, ...) to Frankfurt or Berlin for 30 Euro. It's a discount of 25%. Only a limited amount of these tickets are available. Booking peri...

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Flixtrain Train Tickets for Germany from 9,99 Euro


Travel by Flixtrain from 9,90 Euro on their routes from Berlin to Cologne, Berlin to Stuttgart and Cologne to Hamburg. Along these routes there are for example stops in Frankfurt am Main, Hanover and...

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Train tickets Germany from 19,90 Euro


Travel in Germany from 19,90 Euro by "Super Sparpreis" train tickets of Deutsche Bahn. Avoid peak travel times and you will find such offers by using our given partner link.

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Czech Railways are offering special happy hour meals in selected trains


Czech Railways (CD) are offering special happy hour meals in selected trains during the spring of 2018 as a celebration of the 1st. Czechoslovak republic in 1918.

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Special offer of Flixtrain on routes from Stuttgart to Berlin and Cologne to Hamburg.


Special offer of Flixtrain on routes from Stuttgart to Berlin and Cologne to Hamburg. Train tickets from Euro 9,99. Buy the tickets on Flixbus.

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Night train Belgrade - Thessaloniki runs again


The international night train "Hellas" between Belgrade and Thessaloniki runs again until Thessaloniki from October 19, 2017. During the last months a replacement bus service was in operation between...

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Timetable news for Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece


The international night train "Lovcen" between Belgrade and Bar is suspended from October 16, 2017 until further notice. It will run again as soon as the construction works on the railway line between...

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Test operation for international regional trains from Turin to Modane


The trial operation consists of two-hourly regional trains from Turin to Modane, the french border station on the Mont Cenis line. There you have connections by TER regional trains to Chambery and Lyo...

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New daytime train connection from Madrid to Lisbon


From August 29, 2017 a pair of regional trains will run once again via the Badajoz/Elvas border crossing. The timings are as follows: Badajoz dep 16:24 Elvas dep 15:48 Entroncamento arr 18:25...

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Paris - Cerbere night train returns, Paris - Hendaye night train withdrawn


The night train from Paris to Cerbere and Portbou at the French/Spanish border on the Mediterranean will run daily once again from July 7 until at least September 3. The night train from Paris to H...

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Night train Ljubljana - Belgrad conveys couchette car during the summer


The night train from Villach via Ljubljana to Belgrad runs daily this summer, from June 25 to September 11. The train will convey a couchette car from Ljubljana to Belgrade on Mondays, Wednesdays and...

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Trains run again from Sarajevo to Mostar and Capljina


After the line from Sarajevo to Mostar and Capljina has been closed for many months, passenger trains operate once again from June 8. A daily train leaves Sarajevo at 16:25 and arrives at Capljina...

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Night train Belgrade - Istanbul runs again


The night train from Belgrade via Sofia to Istanbul runs again from June 2. The train consists of a couchette car of TCDD (Turkish Railways) which is conveyed with the day train Belgrade - Sofia and t...

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Direct day train Belgrade - Sofia runs again


After being suspended during winter and spring, the direct day train from Belgrade to Sofia runs once again from June 1 until September 17. The train leaves Belgrade at 09:25 and arrives in Sofia at 2...

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Summer night trains to Montenegro


The annual summer season night trains to Montenegro will start to operate later this year. Due to construction works in Serbia the first trains are said to start on July 15 (instead of the usual date...

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Daily summer night trains from Budapest to Split, Rijeka and Koper


The annual summer season night trains of Hungarian Railways MAV START from Budapest to Split, Rijeka and Koper run daily this year. The train from Budapest to Split runs every day from June 16 to Sept...

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Introduction of day train Prague - Krakow


The direct express trains Ex 114/115 "Cracovia" connect Prague with Krakow and return from April 13 until September 30. The trains offer comfortable 1st and 2nd class coaches and is operated by Czech...

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Trans-Asia Express (Turkey to Iran) cancelled


The Trans-Asia Express (Turkey to Iran) is cancelled until further notice. Alternative travel route: - by Gölü Expresi train from Ankara to Tatvan. - in Tatvan go to the bus station and take a...

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Visa issues on route through Belarus to Russia solved


Since autumn 2016 there have been reports about issues on the border between Belarus and Russia. Apparently the border has been closed for citizens outside of Belarus and Russia and it has been unclea...

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Replacement bus service between Hoek van Holland and Schiedam


Since April 1 the railway line from Hoek van Holland to Schiedam is closed and will be converted to metro operation. It is expected that the line will reopen in autumn 2017. A replacement bus service...

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Balkan Flexi Pass not longer valid in Romania


Sadly, CFR Calatori (Romanian Railways) drops out of the Balkan Flexi Pass offer from April 1, 2017. The Balkan Flexi Pass will then only be valid in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedo...

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