Japan med Tåg

Hur man reser med tåg i Japan: information, förbindelser, blogg och reserapporter. Hjälp för att köpa biljetter i vårt forum.

Japan: If you want to travel by train in Japan, buy your ticket via the given booking links.
It is also possible to buy your train ticket at a railway station at a ticket machine (English language version available).
Due to the dense and frequent network in Japan, you will always get a seat at short notice as well.

Another good option to travel in Japan by trainthe easy and relaxed way is the Japan Rail Pass.
Köp din biljett på tågstationen. OBS: i vissa länder måste du betala en extra avgift vid köp på biljettkontoret. Biljetten kan köpas på en station i avreselandet, ibland även från andra länder.

JP Japan CN Kina

To travel from Japan to China, there is a direct ferry connection from Osaka (Japan) to Shanghai (China). Both cities are connected to the national railway network.
Another option is to travel first from Japan to Busan (South-Korea) by ferry, cross South Korea by train to Incheon. And take another ferry from Incheon (South Korea) to Qingdao (China), from where you continue by train to your destination in China.

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JP Japan KR Sydkorea

If you want to travel from Japan to South Korea, you have to include a ferry. Daily ferry connections are available from Shimonoseki (Japan) to Busan (South Korea) and from Sakaiminato (Japan) to Donghae (South Korea). All cities are connected to the national railway networks and easy to reach.

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JP Japan RU Ryssland

If you want to travel from Japan to Russia, you have to include a ferry for example on the route from Sakaiminato (Japan) to Vladivostok (Russia). Ferry connection once per week with two nights on board.
Both cities, Sakaiminato (Japan) and Vladivostok (Russia), are connected to the national rail network.

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