Renfe Operadora (RENFE)

Interrail och Altaria (ATR). Hur man köper platsreservation eller om man kan resa gratis. Information om Altaria (ATR), bilder och videoklipp.


Altaria is the designation for RENFE long distance trains operating on both the conventional broad gauge (1668mm) as well as the high speed normal gauge (1435mm) lines, using rolling stock with the ability of changing between gauges while driving. Altaria trains usually run part of the route on non-electrified lines and are operated with comfortable Talgo rolling stock.

- 2nd (Turista) and 1st (Preferente) class available
- air-condition, reclining seats that can be turned in direction of travel
- four seats per row in Turista, three seats per row in Preferente; all in open-plan configuration
- audio and video entertainment system
- cafeteria
- equipped for passengers with reduced mobility

   Madrid - Algeciras/Granada/Cartagena/Murcia

reservation krävs

2:a klass: EUR 6,50

1:a klass: EUR 10


Buy the reservation at a railway station. Reservations are usually available at stations in all countries where a particular train runs through. In many countries, especially in central and eastern Europe you can also buy reservations for trains in other countries.
In some countries (for instance in the Netherlands or Spain) you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter.
Interrail Altaria ATR - Renfe Operadora RENFEFlo Flo
Interrail Altaria ATR - Renfe Operadora RENFEFlo Flo
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