Чехия на поезде

Как путешествовать по Чехии на поезде: информация, маршруты, блог, заметки. Помощь на форуме с покупкой билетов.

Чехия: Buying train tickets for Czech Republic is quite simple. The main operator is CD (Czech Railways) running trains all over the country. Tickets for CD trains are available online and at stations, including advance fares to domestic and international destinations. In addition to CD there are also private operators RJ (Regiojet) and LE (LeoExpress) running express trains on main routes. Tickets for these trains can be bought on the operator's websites or at their own ticket offices.
Купите билет на поезд на железнодорожной станции. Примечание: в некоторых странах вам на кассе придётся оплатить комиссию за обслуживание. Билет можно купить на вокзале в стране выезда, а иногда и в других странах.


EN 057M/404 Санкт-Петербург - ПрагаEN 100/405/22I Вена - Москва́EN 100/405/52B Вена - Санкт-ПетербургEN 17B/409 Москва́ - НиццаEN 21E/404 Москва́ - ПрагаEN 21E/404/101 Москва́ - ВенаEN 402 Краков - ПрагаEN 402 Краков - БудапештEN 402 Краков - ВенаEN 40477 Берлин - ВенаEN 405/22A Прага - Москва́EN 405/52B Прага - Санкт-ПетербургEN 406 Вена - ВаршаваEN 407 Варшава - БудапештEN 407 Варшава - ВенаEN 407/444 Варшава - ПрагаEN 442 Гуменне - ПрагаEN 442/764 Гуменне - ХебEN 443 Прага - ГуменнеEN 443/403 Прага - КраковEN 443/82 Прага - КиевEN 444 Кошице - ПрагаEN 444/614 Кошице - ХебEN 445 Прага - КошицеEN 445/406 Прага - ВаршаваEN 476 Будапешт - ВаршаваEN 476 Будапешт - БерлинEN 476/524 Будапешт - ПрагаEN 476/898 Будапешт - ПрагаEN 477 Прага - БудапештEN 477 Берлин - БудапештEN 50406 Вена - КраковEN 50466 Прага - ЦюрихEN 50467 Цюрих - ПрагаEN 57M/404/101 Санкт-Петербург - ВенаEN 60406 Вена - БерлинEN 60406 Вена - КошицеEN 60444 Кошице - ВенаEN445/941/7311 Прага - ЗволенEN445/941/7313 Прага - ЗволенLE 1350 Кошице - ПрагаLE 1367 Прага - КошицеR 615/443 Хеб - КошицеR 800/282 Прешов - БрноR 956/444 Банска-Бистрица - ПрагаRJ 1020 Кошице - ПрагаRJ 1021 Прага - КошицеRx 767/443 Хеб - Гуменне

CZ Чехия AT Австрия

To travel from the Czech Republic to Austria, you have several connections daily. Buy special price tickets via the websites of ÖBB and CD. As earlier you book, as cheaper the prices are.


CZ Чехия CH Швейцария

To travel by train from the Czech Republic to Switzerland, the most comfortable option is by direct night train from Prague to Zurich. Otherwise it is a longer trip either via Germany (Munich/Nuremberg/Stuttgart) or via Austria (Linz/Innsbruck).


CZ Чехия DE Германия

Buy your tickets directly from DB (German Railways) via our partner link. Tickets are also available from CD (Czech Railways).

For long distance trains buy advance fare tickets to get the best prices. When travelling with regional trains across the border you can also buy special offers for the border regions locally.

German railways Deutsche Bahn also offers the IC Bus from Prague to Mannheim/Nuremberg and Munich.


CZ Чехия DK Дания

The main route from the Czech Republic to Denmark leads via Berlin (Germany). It is possible to book the whole trip as one ticket via Deutsche Bahn.


CZ Чехия HU Венгрия

If you want to travel from the Czech Republic to Hungary by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in the Czech Republic.

There are frequent and direct train connections available between the Czech Republic and Hungary.


CZ Чехия NL Нидерланды

To travel by train from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands, you have two main routes.
One by Deutsch Bahn Intercity Bus from the Czech Republic in direction Nuremberg (Germany). And on by ICE train via Frankfurt am Main to the Netherlands.
Or from the Czech Republic to Berlin. And from Berlin by direct IC train to the Netherlands.
For both routes you can buy a special safer price ticket of German railways Deutsche Bahn via the given booking link.


CZ Чехия SK Словакия

If you want to travel from the Czech Republic to Slovakia by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in the Czech Republic.

There are several direct train connections available between the two bordering countries Czech Republic and Slovakia, also by night train.