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유레일 와 IntercityExpress Sprinter (ICE Sprinter). 예약은 어떻게 합니까, 또는 어떻게 무료 여행을 할 수 있을까? 열차 정보, 사진과 동영상.


The ICE Sprinter connect the largest cities of Germany several times each day. Calling at principal intermediate stations only they can provide faster journey times than regular ICE trains. The "Sprinter" symbol indicates these trains in the schedules.

IntercityExpress trains are the flagship long-distance trains of DB (German Railways), running at speeds of up to 300 km/h throughout Germany and to some neighbouring countries. ICE trains run at regular intervals and provide fast and comfortable connections between the large cities.

There are four different types of ICE trains in use. All of them have recently been or are currently refurbished. All trains convey 2nd and 1st class seats. In 2nd class, there are four seats per row (2+2 seats) in open-plan arrangement with seats both in rows as well as facing each other with large tables in between. Some cars also have compartments with six seats. In 1st class you will find seats in open-plan arrangement with three seats per row (2+1 seats), either in rows with or facing each other with large tables in between, as well as compartments with six seats. Some cars also have compartments with six seats.

ICE trains have air-condition and power sockets at all seats. Currently the fleet is equipped with Wifi, and most trains already offer internet access. All trains convey either a bistro or restaurant car with a varied menu offering snacks, drinks and several hot dishes. All trains have facilities for the disabled. Bicycles are only conveyed as luggage item (dismantled and stored in a bag).

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