ferry connections Patras-Bari

Ferry connection from Patras to Bari. Travel route information, schedules and how to buy ferry tickets. Photos and blog.

Direct link between Greece (Patras) and Italy (Bari). The ferries are inexpensive using them with an Interrail or Eurail pass. In the low season sometimes even free.

Superfast Ferries / SUPF

FREE ferry (depending on season) if your Rail Pass is valid in Italy AND Greece.

1st class rail pass: free air seats or dormitories.
2nd class rail pass: free deck passage = just sit down or lay down with your sleeping bag.

Check-in time 2 hours before departure.

- seasonal surcharges: June and September: EUR 10
- seasonal surcharges: July and August: EUR 20
- Port taxes: EUR 7
- Additional fuel surcharge possible


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