Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

Eurail и Regionalzug (R). Как да купя резервация или мога да пътувам безплатно. Информация за влакове, снимки и видеа.


Regional trains operate all around Austria, usually connecting smaller towns and villages with the big cities. ÖBB has a number of modern multiple units running these services but still operates some older carriages on these services. Many trains have air-condition and low-floor entry. Trains are 2nd class only. They usually stop at all stations, however in and around Vienna, regional trains are semi-fast and do not stop at all stations. There, stopping services are provided by "S-Bahn" suburban trains. Around other larger cities, regional trains are usually branded "S-Bahn" nowadays too.

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Flo: "Talent" EMU
Flo Flo
Flo: "CityShuttle" interior
Flo Flo
Flo: "Desiro" diesel train
Flo Flo
Flo: "Desiro" interior
Flo Flo
Flo: "Desiro" interior
Flo Flo
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Как да пътувате с Eurail в Австрия. Общ преглед и информация за маршрутите в Австрия, видове влакове, нощни влакове и Eurail резервации.