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Cách đi lại ở Na Uy bằng tàu hỏa: thông tin, chuyến, blog và tường thuật du lịch. Trợ giúp mua vé tàu trong diễn đàn của chúng tôi.

Na Uy: To travel in Norway by train with NSB, please buy your train ticket online via one of the following booking links. There you find exact schedules and ticket prices. Advance fares (Minipris) can be considerably cheaper compared to full fare tickets.

For connections along the coast and in the far north you have to go with buses. For example from Bodö/Fauske to Narvik, to the Lofoten or from Narvik to North Cape. Narvik is connected by train from Sweden.
Mua vé tàu tại nhà ga đường sắt. Lưu ý: ở một số nước, bạn phải trả phí dịch vụ ở quầy vé. Vé có thể được mua tại nhà ga ở nước khởi hành, đôi khi cũng ở những nước khác.

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There are two main routes to travel from Norway to Sweden by train. The one in the North from Narvik via Abisko down to Stockholm. The second one in the South from Oslo in direction of Göteborg. In both countries you find very good night train connections to travel long-distance.
The railway network in the North of Norway is not connected between Bodö and Narvik. You have to take the bus for this part.

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