Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

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Intercity trains of NS (Dutch Railways) are the backbone of Dutch long-distance travel. Several different lines connect all important cities of the Netherlands. You'll find a train at least every 30 minutes on every line. Between the most important cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag frequencies are usually every 15 minutes or even more frequently.

- All trains are air-conditioned and offer both 2nd and 1st class seats in open-plan arrangement
- In 2nd class you will find four seats (2+2), in 1st class three seats (2+1) per row. Seats are arranged facing each other as well as in rows
- Wifi is available on most trains
- On some peak time departures snacks and drinks are sold by a minibar service
- All trains have storage places for bicycles
- Trains are usually equipped for passengers with reduced mobility

The most common train types are:
- VIRM: double-deck multiple units running on the most frequented services
- ICM: single-deck multiple units
- NID: modernized, older double-deck multiple units
- ICR: regular loco-hauled coaches

On many routes, several sets of multiple units run coupled until a certain station where trains split and continue to different destinations. Make sure to board the correct portion of the train.

IC trains usually are the fastest available trains on the conventional network, stopping only in larger cities and at important junctions. However, some Intercity lines serve the last portion of their journey as regular stopping train, calling at all intermediate stations.

Seat reservation is not possible.

   Rotterdam - Utrecht - Amersfoort - Leeuwarden/Groningen/Enschede | Alkmaar - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Eindhoven - Maastricht/Heerlen | Den Haag - Rotterdam - Eindhoven

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Eurail + Plus


Mua thẻ Eurail chính thức qua link đối tác Tài khoản PLUS miễn phí trên Bằng cách mua vé, bạn hỗ trợ tất cả các thông tin miễn phí trên Xin cám ơn!

Eurail   MUA TẠI ĐÂY

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NL  Eurail ở Hà Lan

Cách đi du lịch bằng Eurail ở Hà Lan. Tổng quan và thông tin về những tuyến đường ở Hà Lan, loại tàu, tàu đêm và đặt chỗ Eurail.