Ferrovie dello stato (TRENITALIA)

Eurail và Frecciabianca (FB). Cách mua phiếu đặt chỗ hoặc đi miễn phí. Thông tin, hình ảnh và video về tàu.


Frecciabianca are high quality express trains operating on the classic network in Italy (not on the high speed lines) at speeds of up to 200 km/h. They run on many routes, mainly along the coastal lines in the east and west of Italy as well as on the west-east axis from Turin and Milan to Venice.

Three different types of trainsets are used for Frecciabianca services: ETR 460 and ETR 470 (former "Pendolino" tilting trains with the tilting mechanism deactivated) and conventional loco hauled trains. All trains are air-conditioned, have power sockets at all seats and a bistro car offering a varied menu of drinks and snacks. All trains have dedicated areas for the disabled. Bicycles can be transported if placed in a bike case. There are two levels of service on Frecciabianca trains:

- 1st class: Comfortable, adjustable seats in rows of three (2+1 seats), mostly facing each other but also in rows. Welcome drink, snack and newspapers are included.
- 2nd class: Comfortable, adjustable seats in rows of four (2+2 seats), mostly facing each other but also in rows.

If you want to quickly travel across Italy on longer distances, the reservation pays off. However, if you are travelling only shorter routes (eg from Bologna to Venice) it makes more sense to use other trains (Intercity and regional trains) instead to save the money for the reservation.

   Torino - Milano - Venezia - Udine/Trieste | Torino/Milano - Genova - Pisa - Roma | Roma - Napoli - Salerno - Reggio di Calabria | Torino/Milano/Venezia - Bologna - Ancona - Bari - Lecce

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