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Bỉ: Train tickets for domestic journeys in Belgium can easily be bought online or locally at stations. There are no advance fares for domestic journeys but a number of reductions for youths, seniors, weekend travel etc.

For international trips advance fares are available which can be considerably cheaper than normal fare tickets. We recommend to buy online through our booking links.


Thông tin thời gian biểu trực tuyến, nơi bạn có thể tìm những chuyến phù hợp luôn được cập nhật.

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BE Bỉ DE Đức

Buy your train tickets directly from Trainline, Belgian Railways (Beurope) or German Railways (DB) via our booking links. Tickets for Thalys services are available via Trainline and Beurope.

ICE and Thalys high speed services from Brussels to Cologne and Frankfurt are the fastest connections on the route. Cheaper regional trains run from Welkenraedt to Aachen with connections from Brussels and to Cologne.

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BE Bỉ FR Pháp

Buy your train tickets online from Trainline or Beurope. There you also get tickets for the Thalys trains.

Thalys services provide high speed connections directly to Paris while TGV trains connect Brussels with many other French cities. Additionally you will find a number of regional trains across the border to Lille.

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BE Bỉ LU Luxembourg

Buy your train tickets directly from Belgian Railways (SNCB/NMBS) via our buying link.

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BE Bỉ NL Hà Lan

Buy your tickets directly from Beurope or Dutch Railways (NS) using our booking links. There you also find the Thalys tickets.

The fastest connections are Thalys trains from Brussels and Antwerpen to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. A cheaper but slightly slower alternative is the hourly IC Brussels service from Brussels via Antwerpen - Rotterdam - Den Haag to Amsterdam.

You will also find regional trains from Antwerpen to Roosendaal and from Liège to Maastricht.

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BE Bỉ UK Vương quốc Anh

To travel by train from Belgium to the United Kingdom, the easiest and fastest option is the direct Eurostar train from Brussels to London. As earlier you book, as cheaper the ticket is.
If the Eurostar train is too expensive for you, have a look at a bus connection from Brussels to London.

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