Бари та Паби в Лісабон

Гарні бари та паби в Лісабон (Португалія), щоб ввечері випити та провести час з друзями.

PT Португалія

A Brasileira

Perhaps the most famous café in Lisbon. Unfortunately totally overcrowded by tourists, so that it is difficult to get a seat.


Antigua Confeitaria de Belém

You have to go to Belem and try there as well the Pasteis. These are small sweet pastries - a custard pie filled with pudding - completely called "Pastei de nata". The Antigua Confeitaria is the most famous producer of "Pasteis de nata", here called as well "Pastei de Belém". We did not wen into the café but bought some from outside!


Confeitaria Nacional

When we visited Christo Rei, we came up with a couple of young people which gave us some recommendations for our Lisbon exploration. They thought we would try to Belem and then there necessarily try the Pasteis, what we did. Later, after our return back home, I found out that in Lisbon is a second supplier of these sweet pastries (these are filled with a custard pie, which are called completely "Pastei de nata") is in fact the Confeitaria Nacional. We have now unfortunately missed it - but next time when I am in Lisbon, I will go there!


O Vicentinho - Wine Bar

O Vicentinho - Loja de Vinhos

At the street corner opposite the monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora is a small wine bar, which also has a few tables inside. A beautiful place to have a drink or maybe a something to eat. From the outside it is rather inconspicuous and can easily be overlooked.


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