Австрія Поїздом

Як подорожувати поїздом в Австрії: інформація, маршрути, блог та звіти мандрівників. Допомога на форумі щодо купівлі залізничних квитків.

Австрія: The easiest way to buy train tickets is online via the booking tool of Austrian national railways ÖBB. As earlier you book, as cheaper the tickets are (usually).


EN 21E/404/101 Москва - ВіденьEN 233 nightjet Відень - МіланEN 235 nightjet Мілан - ВіденьEN 236 nightjet Венеція - ВіденьEN 237 nightjet Відень - ВенеціяEN 246 nightjet Відень - BregenzEN 247 nightjet Bregenz - ВіденьEN 294 nightjet Рим - МюнхенEN 295 nightjet Мюнхен - РимEN 346 Бухарест - ВіденьEN 347 Відень - БухарестEN 402 Краків - ВіденьEN 40233 nightjet Відень - РимEN 40235 nightjet Мілан - МюнхенEN 40236 nightjet Венеція - МюнхенEN 40294 nightjet Рим - ВіденьEN 40295 nightjet Мюнхен - МіланEN 40420 nightjet Innsbruck - ГамбургEN 40463 nightjet Мюнхен - ВенеціяEN 40477 Берлін - ВіденьEN 40490 nightjet Відень - ДюссельдорфEN 40490 nightjet Дюссельдорф - ВіденьEN 40491 nightjet Гамбург - InnsbruckEN 406 Відень - ВаршаваEN 407 Варшава - ВіденьEN 408/18B Ніцца - МоскваEN 414 Белград - ЦюрихEN 415 Цюрих - БелградEN 420 nightjet Innsbruck - ДюссельдорфEN 421 nightjet Дюссельдорф - InnsbruckEN 462 Будапешт - МюнхенEN 463 Мюнхен - БудапештEN 464 nightjet Грац - ЦюрихEN 465 nightjet Цюрих - ГрацEN 466 nightjet Відень - ЦюрихEN 467 nightjet Цюрих - ВіденьEN 480 Рієка - МюнхенEN 490 nightjet Відень - ГамбургEN 491 nightjet Гамбург - ВіденьEN 498/462 Загреб - МюнхенEN 50406 Відень - КраківEN 50463 Мюнхен - ЗагребEN 50466 Прага - ЦюрихEN 50467 Цюрих - ПрагаEN 57M/404/101 Санкт-Петербург - ВіденьEN 60406 Відень - БерлінEN 60406 Відень - КошиціEN 60444 Кошиці - ВіденьEN 60463 Мюнхен - РієкаEN 60466 Будапешт - ЦюрихEN 60467 Цюрих - Будапешт

AT Австрія CZ Чеська Республіка

To travel from Austria to the Czech Republic, you have several connections daily. Buy special price tickets via the websites of ÖBB and CD. As earlier you book, as cheaper the prices are.

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AT Австрія DE Німеччина

There are frequent connections by train from Austria to Germany. To buy your train ticket, please use one of the booking links.

You also find some excellent night train connections. From Innsbruck/Vienna to Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf/Cologne.

The Europe Special price of Deutsche Bahn is available from EUR 39. As earlier you book, as cheaper the prices are.

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AT Австрія IT Італія

To travel by train from Italy to Austria, the most comfortable way is by direct night train. But there as well direct day trains available.
First buy a train ticket for the night train from Austria to Italy: from Salzburg and Vienna in direction of Milan, Rome and Venice.
Then a second train ticket from there to your destination place in Italy.

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AT Австрія LI Ліхтенштейн

To travel by train from Austria to Liechtenstein, you have to use a local train from Feldkirch (Austria). The railway line is operated by Austrian railways ÖBB. The station name for Vaduz (Liechtenstein) is Schaan-Vaduz.

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AT Австрія NL Нідерланди

To travel by train from Austria to the Netherlands, you have to cross Germany. In Germany you have to change trains. For comfortable travel have a look at the night trains from Austria to Düsseldorf (Germany).
Saver price train tickets available via the given booking links.

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AT Австрія RO Румунія

The best option to buy train tickets from Austria to Romania is online via the website of Austrian railways ÖBB. Of course you can buy all tickets at ticket desks at stations in Austria as well.

There is one direct night train from Vienna (Austria) in direction of Bucharest (Romania).

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AT Австрія RU Росія

If you want to travel from Austria to Russia by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in Austria.

There is a direct overnight train available from Austria to Moscow (Russia).

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AT Австрія SI Словенія

Online tickets are available from Austrian Railways (ÖBB). Tickets can be bought directly at a railway station as well.

There are two main border crossings with several direct trains: From Vienna via Graz to Maribor and Ljubljana and from Innsbruck and Salzburg or Vienna to Villach, from where you can go via Bled to Ljubljana.

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AT Австрія SK Словаччина

To travel by train from Austria to Slovakia the main route leads via Vienna to Bratislava. Use the booking links to find tickets online or buy it at a station.
Frequent connections in Austria to Vienna, from Vienna to Bratislava and as well from Bratislava to everywhere in Slovakia.

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