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Birleşik Krallık: There are many different operators in the UK. To get the best (and cheapest) fares, buy advance or off-peak tickets via the given booking links.

UK Birleşik Krallık BE Belçika

To travel by train from the United Kingdom to Belgium, the easiest and fastest option is the direct Eurostar train from London to Brussels. As earlier you book, as cheaper the ticket is.
If the Eurostar train is too expensive for you, have a look at a bus connection from London to Brussels.

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UK Birleşik Krallık FR Fransa

To travel by train from the United Kingdom to France you have several options. The fastest one by train is to use the direct Eurostar train from London to Paris. If you search for a cheaper option, have a look at the buses connecting London to Paris. The ferry Dover to Calais isn't an option anymore: too slow, too expensive for foot passengers.

To buy train tickets for your travel from the United Kingdom to France, buy first a ticket from your departure station to London (ACPRail). A second ticket from London to Paris for the Eurostar train (Trainline + SNCF + Eurostar + ACPRail). And another ticket for France from Paris to your final destination (Trainline + SNCF).
Of course this example can vary and finally depends on your route.

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UK Birleşik Krallık IE İrlanda

There are several ferry operators running between the United Kingdom and Ireland/Northern Ireland: Stena Line, Irish Ferries and P&O Ferries. The most frequent services run from Holyhead to Dublin, other connections are available from Fishguard to Rosslare, from Liverpool to Dublin and Belfast and from Cairnryan to Belfast and Larne. Rail&Sail tickets are available, including the ferry as well as the train rides in the UK and Ireland.

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UK Birleşik Krallık NL Hollanda

To travel by train from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands you have interesting options. The main route by train is from London to Brussels by direct Eurostar train. Then by IC or Thalys train to the Netherlands.
If you want it cheaper, have a look at bus connections from London to the Netherlands.
And finally the Rail&Sail tickets from Stenaline on the route London to the Netherlands (ferry Harwich to Hoek van Holland / Dutchflyer) are a good deal - you can even travel overnight (read our blog).

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