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You can get the bus from Harem bus station 139A - Harem - Sile - Agva. Şile is a small holiday town on the Black Sea, 70 km from the...


You can get the bus from Harem bus station 139A - Harem - Sile - Agva.

Şile is a small holiday town on the Black Sea, 70 km from the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It has been a fishing village here since 700 BC and a lighthouse since the Ottoman period.

Today, Şile is a beach resort, popular with people who want a resort atmosphere without having to go to the expense of travelling to the Mediterranean Sea. Şile is about an hour's drive from the city and was always a retreat from the city. During Turkey's economic boom of the 1990s, a great many summer homes and holiday villages were built for the city's middle class, especially after the 1999 earthquake damaged the Marmara coast. There is a small but sandy beach, a little harbour of fishing boats, dense forest behind and a quiet pleasant atmosphere during the week. At weekends though, and especially on a hot summer Sunday Şile is crowded with day-trippers from the poorer districts of the city, who come packed into minibuses and vans to picnic and play football. There are a number of bars and restaurants with sea views, especially in the little park around the lighthouse. Şile is famous for its beaches. However, it is at the northernmost point of Istanbul and thus shares the same sea conditions as other Black Sea towns where strong sea undercurrents can be dangerous to inexperienced swimmers. There is insufficient danger warning and people drown here regularly. The north-facing Black Sea has a much shorter holiday season than the Aegean, the Mediterranean or even the Marmara, due to the cold winters. The tomb of a Muslim saint, Kum Baba, is on a tree-covered hill above Şile. Along the coast near Şile in the village of Kızılcaköy is a cave said to be the scene of events in the Anabasis of Xenophon, although this is probably untrue. Şile is also known for Şile cloth, a crimped-looking, light, see-through cotton fabric, made on the Şile coast, sold in many shops in the town and sent to the bazaars of Istanbul. There is a fair to promote Şile cloth in the town held every summer.

İskele, Hacı Kasım Mh., 34980 Şile



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