Helsinki şehrindeki gezilecek yerler

Sightseeing in Helsinki (Finlandiya) şehrindeki gezilecek yerler. What you have to visit at your stay in Helsinki şehrinde kaldığınız sürede ziyaret edilmesi gereken yerler.

FI Finlandiya

Helsinki Katedrali

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko

Helsinki Cathedral is open from 09:00 - 18:00 h. From June to August open even from 09:00 - 24:00 h.


Kendi Helsinki şehir turu

Helsinki city tour on your own

We only had one afternoon to visit Helsinki, the Finnish capital. But for a short city tour, it was fine. Therefore we used tram line number 3. We were two persons and bought a group ticket for EUR 8. In the network map, the line is marked with green. Please do not confuse them: There is a line of 3 T and 3 B - they are basically the same routes, but just in the opposite directions. The travel time for a full round without intermediate stops is approximately one hour. The course is held in the form of a eight. So you can get in a very short time a good impression of Helsinki. In the brochure "Helsinki Sightseeing" there are marked green and yellow dots (37 in total) along the mentioned green line in a form of the digit eight. The green dots indicate the normal stops and the yellow dots mark the stations where you will find close by some places of interest. Our personal start and end point was at the stop of the port, because we wanted to continue by ferry then. I note here which company leaves at which terminal: Katajanokan terminaali = Finnjet and Viking Line Kanavaternimaali = Nordic Jet Line Olympiaterminaali = Silja Line Makasiiniterminaali = Linda Line and Silja Line SuperSeaCat Länsiterminaali = Eckerö Line and Tallink Hansaterminaali = Finnlines One more note which I could see in the folder: "In the 19th century it was quite common for the city districts to have names. Often these names were better known than the actual street addresses. These districts in the city center of Helsinki received in 1812 her" animal "and quite exotic names. In the main downtown shopping area, the tradition with the district names was revived. At the corners of ten districts of colorful badges with animal motifs were placed: - Zobel - Rabbit - Hamster - Gazelle - Antelope - Unicorn - Donkey - Giraffe - Camel



Sea fortress. It has museum about that place, beach, nice views and old "city", more like a village.


Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukion kirkko

Temppeliaukio Church is a church which is built in a rock. Church has wonderful acoustics. It's open all year round and entrance is free.


Uspenski Katedrali

Uspenskin katedraali

The Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral. Free entrance.


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