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Железнодорожные вокзалы в Берлин (Германия). Расписание, адрес, время работы камеры хранения. Информация о вокзалах и аэропортах.


Центральный вокзал Берлина Центральный вокзал Берлина
Hauptbahnhof Berlin

The central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) of Berlin (Germany). Centrally located, right beside the government district (Reichstag, Bundeskanzleramt). At the station there are lockers, toilets and showers, a supermarket and several food offerings. In the station you find lockers. Big ones for...

Восточный вокзал Берлин Восточный вокзал Берлин
Berlin Ostbahnhof

The Berlin Ostbahnhof is located in the Friedrichshain district. The station has a DB travel center (open Monday-Friday from 08:00-21:00 h, on weekends from 09:00-21:00 h), toilets (EUR 1), lockers (small: EUR 4, large: EUR 6/24h) as well as numerous restaurants and shopping options. RE7 and RB14...

Центральный автовокзал Берлин Центральный автовокзал Берлин
Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin - ZOB

The central bus station in Berlin (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin - ZOB). It is located in the West of Berlin. You can reach it easily from S-Bahn station "Messe Nord/ICC": a foot walk of 5 minutes in direction of the ibis hostel. You will find the bus station just behind this hotel. There is a...

S-Bahn Nikolassee S-Bahn Nikolassee

S-Bahn 1 towards Wannsee Bhf / Oranienburg Bhf every 10 minutes S-Bahn 7 towards Potsdam Hauptbahnhof / Ahrensfelde Bhf every 10 minutes

Аэропорт Берлин-Шёнефельд Аэропорт Берлин-Шёнефельд
Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld

The Berlin Schönefeld Airport is beside the Tegel Airport one of the two international airports in the Berlin area. From Berlin-Schönefeld Airport you have excellent connections to the city center of Berlin and the surrounding areas. In addition to the S-Bahn and the Airport Express (regional...

Железнодорожная станция Берлин-Шпандау Железнодорожная станция Берлин-Шпандау
Bahnhof Berlin-Spandau

The railway station Berlin-Spandau (Germany): Bahnhof Berlin-Spandau.

Фридрихштрассе вокзал Фридрихштрассе вокзал
Bahnhof Berlin Friedrichstraße

The railway station Berlin Friedrichstraße (Germany): Bahnhof Berlin Friedrichstraße.

Железнодорожная станция Вокзал Ванзе Железнодорожная станция Вокзал Ванзе
Bahnhof Berlin Wannsee

The railway station Berlin Wannsee (Germany): Bahnhof Berlin Wannsee. Here is located the terminal for DB Autozug, loading of cars on trains.

Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station
Bahnhof Berlin Ostkreuz

The Berlin Ostkreuz Railway Station (Germany): Bahnhof Berlin Ostkreuz.

Berlin Gesundbrunnen Railway Station Berlin Gesundbrunnen Railway Station
Bahnhof Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Berlin Gesundbrunnen is a train station for local and long distance traffic.

Berlin Südkreuz Railway Station Berlin Südkreuz Railway Station
Bahnhof Berlin Südkreuz

Berlin Südkreuz is a train station for for local and long distance traffic.

Зоологический сад вокзал Зоологический сад вокзал
Bahnhof Berlin Zoologischer Garten

The train station Berlin Zoologischer Garten (Berlin Zoo) was during the division of Germany the only remaining railway station in Western-Berlin. It was known to a wide public by the book "We Children from Bahnhof Zoo" by "Christiane F.".

Железнодорожная станция Берлин Lichtenberg Железнодорожная станция Берлин Lichtenberg
Bahnhof Berlin Lichtenberg

The railway station Berlin Lichtenberg (Germany): Bahnhof Berlin Lichtenberg.



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