Różne rodzaje pociągów oraz ich kategorie w SZWECJA. Od połączeń regionalnych do pociągów szybkobieżnych.


Arlanda Express / AX

Arlanda Express (AEX)

The Arlanda Express is an express airport shuttle connecting Stockholm's city centre with Arlanda Airrport in the north of the city. Trains...

Blå Tåget / BLA

Skandinaviska Jernbanor AB (SKJB)

The Blå Tåget is a privately run long-distance train with an emphasis on travelling in comfort and style. The train consists of various classic...

Inlandsbanan / INBA

Inlandsbanan (INBA)

Inlandsbanan trains run on the more than 1000km long route from Mora via Östersund to Gällivare. The railway line runs through the beautiful...

InterCity / IC

Statens Järnvägar (SJ)

InterCity trains are comfortable long-distance services travelling on many routes throughout Sweden. Daily services are available from Stockholm...

BM92 interior

Lokaltog / LT


Lokaltog are stopping trains mainly operating on the Oslo suburban network as well as on local lines around the other big cities of Trondheim,...

MTR Express / MTR

MTR Express (MTR)

MTR Express trains operate Intercity services between Stockholm and Göteborg. They use modern low-floor EMU, equipped with air-condition, WiFi...

Nattåg / NT

Statens Järnvägar (SJ)

Nattog are night trains operated by Swedish Railways SJ. They offer comfortable accomodation in different categories: 2nd class seats, six bed...

Norrtåg / NT

Norrtåg (NT)

Norrtag operates regional trains on several routes in the north of Sweden. They use modern low-floor railcars with air-condition and 2nd class...

Öresundståg / OT

Öresundståg (ORE)

The Oresund trains are international regional trains mainly operating in the Oresund area around Copenhagen and Malmö. They connect Demark and...

Pagatåg / PT

Skånetrafiken (ST)

Pagatag are regional trains in the Skane region around Malmö in the south of Sweden. Trains are modern low-floor multiple units with second...

Regional / Reg

Statens Järnvägar (SJ)

SJ Regional trains are operating on many lines in central Sweden. Despite their name, trains often run over quite long distances and make only a...

Regionaltåg Jönköpings Länstrafik / JLT

Jönköpings Länstrafik (JLT)

Regionaltåg Värmlandstrafik / VTAB

Värmlandstrafik (VT)

BM73 in current livery

Regiontog / RT


Regiontog are long distance express trains operating on the main lines throughout Norway. There are different kind of trains used for these...

Snabbtåg / S

Statens Järnvägar (SJ)

Snabbtag are high-speed trains operated by SJ (Swedish Railways), running at up to 210 km/h and connecting the most important cities of the...

Snälltåget / SNÄ

Veolia Transport Sverige (VEOS)

Snälltaget operates an express train on the route from Malmö to Stockholm. Additionally there is a winter season night train from Malmö via...

Upptåget / UL

Uppsala Länstrafik (UL)

Upptaget are regional trains in the region around Uppsala, running from Uppsala to Gävle and Sala. Upptaget uses modern EMU with air-condition...

Västtågen / VT

Västtrafik (Väst)

Västtagen are regional trains in the Gothenburg region in western Sweden. They operate on suburban services around Gothenburg as well as on...