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Informacje na temat pociągu SC Pendolino (SC). Jak zarezerwować bilety na SC Pendolino (SC). Znajdź zdjęcia oraz filmy z pociągu.

The CD Pendolino is a tilting train mainly operating on the Czech main line between Prague and Ostrava. Additional services operate from Frantiskovy Lazne and Cheb via Pilsen to Prague as well as beyond Ostrava to Kosice in Slovakia.

Trains are operated with class 680 tilting trains and are very comfortable.
- three seats per row (2+1) in both 1st and 2nd class, giving you plenty of space; open-plan arrangement
- wifi
- air-condition
- entertainment system; including a front camera allowing you view the driver's perspective
- bistro car
- bicycle transport
- facilities for the disabled

Due to a shortage of rolling stock some SC Pendolino services between Prague and Ostrava are currently operated with regular rolling stock and classified IC instead.

Reservation compulsory for journeys on the routes from Prague to Ostrava and Kosice.
On the route from Prague to Cheb and Frantiskovy Lazne reservation is not compulsory.
Reservations for the international service to Kosice cost 83 CZK.

   Praha - Olomouc - Ostrava - Bohumin | Praha - Olomouc - Ostrava - Bohumin - Kosice | Frantiskovy Lazne - Cheb - Plzen - Praha - Olomouc - Ostrava

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SC Pendolino SC train - České dráhy ČD: First Class-domos- -domos-
SC Pendolino SC train - České dráhy ČD: First Class-domos- -domos-