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Informacje na temat pociągu Expres (Ex). Jak zarezerwować bilety na Expres (Ex). Znajdź zdjęcia oraz filmy z pociągu.

Expres trains run on several routes within the Czech Republic as well as on international services to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Similar to InterCity and EuroCity trains they call only at larger cities and provide fast journey times.

Trains usually consist of refurbished 2nd and 1st class coaches.
- 2nd class carraiges either have compartments with 6 seats per compartment or have four seats per row (2+2) in open-plan arrangement
- 1st class carriages have three seats per row either in compartments or open-plan arrangement (2+1) seat
- air-condition
- power sockets
- Wifi available in some cars
- Most trains between Prague and Zilina (all trains via Horni Lidec, some via Ostrava) have a restaurant car
- Minibar service available on all other services
- Most trains convey bicycles
- Many trains have facilites for the disabled

Reservations for journeys within Czech Republic are 35 CZK only.

Compulsory reservation for journey to/from Poland!

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