Een lijst van alle spoorwegmaatschappijen in ITALIË. Gedetailleerde informatie en waar u treinkaartjes kunt kopen.

ARST Gestione FdS srl / ARST

Ferrovie della Sardegna

Narrow gauge railways on Sardinia.

Ferrovie Appulo Lucane / FAL

Narrow gauge network from Bari to Matera, Avigliano and Potenza.

Ferrovie autolinee regionali ticinesi / FART

Operates the Swiss part of the scenic Centovalli railway from Locarno (CH) to Domodossola (IT). The Italian part is operated by SSIF.

Ferrovie della Calabria / FdC

Narrow gauge line from Cosenza to Catanzaro Lido.

Ferrovia Genova Casella / FGC

Narrow gauge railway between Genova and Casella (Italy). Distance: 25 km. Journey time: 50 minutes.

Ferrotramviaria S.p.A. / FNB

Ferrovie del Nord Barese

Suburban services in Bari and from Bari to Barletta.

Ferrovie del Sud Est / FSE

The FSE operates regional trains on a diesel network in the south of Italy. Network: Bari - Martina Franca - Taranto | Bari - Putignano | Martina Franca - Novoli - Lecce | Novoli - Nardo - Casarano - Gagliano | Casarano - Gallipoli | Lecce - Zollino - Nardo - Gallipoli | Zollino - Maglie - Gagliano...

Ferrovie Udine-Cividale / FUC

Co-operator of the route of Udine (Italy) to Villach (Austria).

Gruppo Torinese Trasporti / GTT

Suburban services from Torino to Ceres, Chieri and Pont Canavese.


Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori / NTV


Private railway company with high-speed train connections between Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.

Russische spoorwegen

Российские железные дороги / RZD

Russische spoorwegen

The railway company of Russia: Российские железные дороги / Rossijskije schelesnyje dorogi. RZD operates a network of over 85.000 kilometres.

SAD Nahverkehr AG / SAD

Regional services in South Tyrol

Società Subalpina di Imprese Ferroviarie / SSIF

Operates the italian part of the scenic Centovalli railway from Domodossola (IT) to Locarno (CH). The swiss part is operated by FART.

Sistemi Territoriali S.p.A. / ST

Regional trains from Venice Mestre to Adria.

Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano / TFT

Regional trains in Tuscany on the lines: Arezzo - Stia and Arezzo - Sinalunga

Thello / THELLO

Treni Regionali Ticino Lombardia / TILO

Operates regional trains in Ticino and Lombardia, including trains over the old Gotthard pass route.

Trenord / TREN

Regional connections in Lombardia around Milan.

Ferrovie dello stato / TRENITALIA

Trentino Trasporti Esercizio S.p.a / TT

Narrow gauge railway from Trento via Malè and Marilleva to Mezzana.