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Comboios de Portugal (CP)

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Alfa Pendular (AP) trains are the fastest trains in Portugal, operating at speeds of up to 220 km/h. They are tilting trains, allowing them to run at higher speeds than regular trains and provide regular connections on the main line from Lisbon to Porto and Braga in the north of the country as well as from Lisbon to Faro on the Algarve coast in the south.

Alfa Pendular trains offer comfortable seats in both 2nd (Turistica) and 1st (Conforto) class. Trains are equipped with air-condition and WiFi. A bistro car as well as a trolley service are available. Trains will undergo a refit from 2017 and get a renewed interior including power sockets.

Seat reservations are only available at stations in Portugal. They can't be bought at stations outside of Portugal.

   Lisboa - Porto | Faro - Lisboa - Porto | Lisboa - Porto - Braga

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Combois de Portugal
Portuguese Railways

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Flo: Alfa Pendular arrives in Lisboa OrienteAlfa Pendular arrives in Lisboa Oriente
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Flo: AP passes Entroncamento at speedAP passes Entroncamento at speed
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FloFlo Flo
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