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The Frecciarossa (FR AV) high speed trains are the fastest trains in Italy. Currently operating at speeds up to 300 km/h the newest trains are capable of operating at up to 360 km/h which could happen in the near future. The trains are primarily running on the main north-south axis from Milan and Venice via Bolgona and Florence to Rome, with additional services running to Turin, Naples, Bari, as well as on the new west-east line from Milan to Venice.

Two different types of trainsets provide Frecciarossa services, called ETR 500 and ETR 1000. All trains are equipped with air-condition, WiFi and power sockets at each seat. A restaurant car is available as well, offering a wide menu of cold and hot drinks, snacks and dishes. All trains have dedicated areas for the disabled. Bicycles can be transported if placed in a bike case. Frecciarossa trains offer seats in four different comfort levels:

- Executive: highest comfort with comfortable and wide leather armchairs with a extra large seat pitch. Seats can be electronically reclined and also have footrests. There are only two seats per row (1+1 seat) and each seat can be turned around 180 degrees. Drinks, snacks, newspapers and a menu are included. An additional meeting room for up to five people is available too.
- Business: high level of comfort with wide leather chairs in rows of three (2+1 seat), arranged mostly facing each other. Seats can be reclined and a dedicated Silence Area is provided for travellers wishing to travel in tranquility. A welcome drink and snack as well as newspapers are included.
- Premium: comfortable leather seats in rows of four (2+2 seats) for passengers who want to travel comfortably yet at a a cheap price. Most seats are arranged facing each other. A welcome drink and snack as well as newspapers are included.
- Standard: the same comfortable leather seats as in Premium class but without any added services.

If you want to quickly travel across Italy on longer distances, the reservation pays off. However, if you are travelling only shorter routes (eg from Bologna to Florence) it makes more sense to use other trains (Intercity and regional trains) instead to save the money for the reservation.

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