विभिन्न प्रकार की ट्रेनें फिनलैंड

फिनलैंड में विभिन्न प्रकार की ट्रेनें और उनकी श्रेणियां. स्थानीय ट्रेनों से लेकर तीव्र गति की ट्रेनों तक.


Allegro / AE

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

Allegro are high-speed tilting trains connecting Helsinki with St Peterburg. Thanks to their tilting mechanism they can run faster than...

InterCity / IC

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

InterCity trains are the backbone of long-distance travel in Finland. They operate on the main lines, connecting the capital Helsinki with all...

Lähijunat / L

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

Lähijunat are suburban trains operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Trains run on five routes: - Helsinki to...

Pendolino / S

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

Pendolino are high-speed tilting trains offering the fastest services in Finland. They connect Helsinki with most other large cities of the...

Pikajunat / P

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

Pikajunat are conventional express trains that used to run on the whole Finnish network. Nowadays (2017), most Pikajunat services have been...

Taajamajunat / H

VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)

Taajamajunat are regional trains operating on secondary lines all around Finland. On most lines, they are the only available trains and provide...