यूक्रेन ट्रेन टिकटें

यूक्रेन में ट्रेन टिकटों की जानकारी. यूक्रेन में ट्रेन टिकट उपलब्ध कराने वाले. और खास कीमत वाली टिकटें. ये टिकटें ऑनलाइन कैसे खरीदें.


RZD - Train tickets to Russia and back

Train tickets for connections of the Russian railway company RZD. Also for the Trans-Siberian Railway and routes beyond the Russian borders: Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France (for direct night trains) and more European countries. Buy your train ticket online at the company...

UZ - Train tickets for Ukraine

Train tickets for the Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) are available online. It is a very easy booking system.