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B-Europe international train tickets

Buy your train ticket online for France, Germany, Belgium to bordering countries, the Netherland, THALYS and EUROSTAR.

Eurostar Train

The Eurostar high-speed-train connects the United Kingdom with France and Belgium. Main stops are London, Paris, Brussels and Lille.

Go Pass - SNCB - Rail Pass Belgium

The Go Pass is a card with ten travel routes. You just have to fill in the date, station of departure and station of arrival. The card is only available to youth from 12 up to 26 years, it's second class only, and you can only travel between stations inside of Belgium. Border-stations aren't...

NS Hispeed - Train tickets for the Netherlands and bordering countries

Buy your train tickets from the official source NS Hispeed. NS Hispeed offers train tickets for the Netherlands and to/from bordering countries like: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy (North), England, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark and Austria.

SNCB - Train tickets for Belgium

Train tickets for the Belgian national railways SNCB. Train connections within Belgium and to the bordering countries. If you book train tickets for SNCB early, you will find very cheap offers.

SNCF - Train tickets for France

Train tickets for the French national railways SNCF. Train connections within France and to the bordering countries. If you book train tickets for SNCF early, you will find very cheap offers. Always have a look on the saver fares.

THALYS - Highspeed train - train tickets

The Thalys trains connect Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne and Paris. Thalys offers global prices, which means: if you book early, you can travel on a very inexpensive way. An overview of the prices and booking is possible by the given link. The area of the Thalys trains is Benelux (Netherlands,...


Trainline provides a very simple and comfortable booking system for train tickets to/from/in France, Germany and Italy. As well for the trains Eurostar, Thalys, Thello and more. Register once and book your e-tickets. Including all special prices, free of handling fees!