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रोमानिया में ट्रेन से यात्रा कैसे करें: सूचना, कनेक्शन, ब्लॉग और यात्रा रिपोर्टें. ट्रेन के टिकट खरीदने के लिए हमारे फोरम से सहायता.

रोमानिया: Buy your train ticket for domestic travel with trains of CFR Calatori (Romanian Railways) locally at a railway station. Or online via the given booking link. International tickets are only available locally at a station.
रेलवे स्टेशन पर ट्रेन टिकट खरीदें. नोट: कुछ देशों में आपको टिकट काउंटर पर एक सेवा शुल्क देना पड़ता है. टिकट प्रस्थान के देश के किसी स्टेशन पर खरीदा जा सकता है, साथ ही कभी-कभी अन्य देशों में भी.

विभिन्न प्रकार की ट्रेनें.

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D 1460/460 थेसालोनिकी - बुखारेस्टD 461/1461 बुखारेस्ट - थेसालोनिकीEN 346 बुखारेस्ट - वियनाEN 347 वियना - बुखारेस्टEN 472 बुखारेस्ट - बुडापेस्टEN 473 बुडापेस्ट - बुखारेस्टIC 406 ब्रासोव - बुडापेस्टIC 407 बुडापेस्ट - ब्रासोवIR 10641 बुखारेस्ट - Cluj-NapocaIR 10642 Cluj-Napoca - बुखारेस्टIR 1641/1648 बुखारेस्ट - BistrițaIR 1641/4090 बुखारेस्ट - Satu MareIR 1641/4541 बुखारेस्ट - Târgu MureșIR 1643/4133 बुखारेस्ट - Sighetu MarmațieiIR 1649/1644 Bistrița - बुखारेस्टIR 1653 बुखारेस्ट - Vatra DorneiIR 1654 Vatra Dornei - बुखारेस्टIR 1667 बुखारेस्ट - IașiIR 1668 Iași - बुखारेस्टIR 1695 बुखारेस्ट - TimișoaraIR 1696 Timișoara - बुखारेस्टIR 1741 बुखारेस्ट - Satu MareIR 1742 Satu Mare - बुखारेस्टIR 1754 Suceava - बुखारेस्टIR 1755 बुखारेस्ट - SuceavaIR 1755/5581 बुखारेस्ट - BotoșaniIR 1765 Iași - TimișoaraIR 1766 Timișoara - IașiIR 1766/5570 Timișoara - BotoșaniIR 1821 कॉन्स्टैन्टा - AradIR 1822 Arad - कॉन्स्टैन्टाIR 1837 Iași - TimișoaraIR 1838 Timișoara - IașiIR 1843/4135 Timișoara - Sighetu MarmațieiIR 4091/1642 Satu Mare - बुखारेस्टIR 4136/1644 Sighetu Marmației - बुखारेस्टIR 4136/1765 Sighetu Marmației - TimișoaraIR 4550/1644 Târgu Mureș - बुखारेस्टIR 5482/1754 Bicaz - बुखारेस्टIR 5571/1765 Botoșani - TimișoaraIR 5584/1754 Botoșani - बुखारेस्ट

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ऑनलाइन समय सारणी की जानकारी, जिस पर आप प्रासंगिक, अप-टू-डेट कनेक्शन पा सकते हैं.

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RO रोमानिया AT ऑस्ट्रिया

Tickets from Romania to Austria are available from international ticket offices at stations in Romania. However, online tickets from Romanian Railways CFR are not available for international journeys.

You can buy online tickets from Austrian Railways ÖBB, however online tickets from ÖBB have to be printed from ticket machines at stations in Austria!

There is one direct night train from Bucharest (Romania) in direction of Vienna (Austria).

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RO रोमानिया BG बुल्गारिया

To travel from Romania to Bulgaria by train, buy your train ticket locally at a train station in Romania. You will find international ticket counters at the train stations of larger cities. There are no online tickets available.

There are two rail connections between Romania and Bulgaria, both cross the Danube on a large bridge: from Giurgiu to Ruse, where the train from Bucharest to Sofia runs and from Calafat to Vidin.

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RO रोमानिया HU हंगरी

To travel from Romania to Hungary by train, buy your ticket from international ticket offices at stations in Romania or online on the website of CFR. There are a number of offers available, including discounts on regular one-way or return tickets as well as advance saver fares.

You can also buy online tickets from Hungarian Railways MAV START, however online tickets from MAV START have to be printed from ticket machines at stations in Hungary!

International services run mainly from Bucharest either via Brasov - Sibiu/Sighisoara - Simeria or Craiova - Timisoara to Arad and then via the Curtici/Lököshaza border crossing to Budapest. Additional international express trains run from Brasov - Cluj Napoca - Oradea via the Episcopia Bihor/Biharkeresztes border crossing to Budapest.

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RO रोमानिया IN इंडिया

To travel from Romania to India, there is no rail connection available. We recommend to book a direct flight via the given booking link. Train tickets in India are available via 12go.asia.

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RO रोमानिया MD मोलदोवा

To travel from Romania to Moldova by train, buy your tickets at a railway station. There are no online tickets available.

From Bucharest there is a direct night train via Iasi to Chisinau. Additionally there are local trains from Iasi across the border to Ungheni with connections to Chisinau.

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RO रोमानिया RS सर्बिया

If you want to travel from Romania to Serbia by train, the only connection is from Timisoara to Vrsac where two daily trains run. There are connecting trains from many destinations in Romania to Timisoara, including Brasov, Cluj and Bucharest and from Vrsac to Belgrade

Special offers are available for the trip from Timisoara to Belgrade. Buy it locally at a station in Romania. To get to Timisoara you can buy an online ticket from CFR (Romanian Railways) or buy a through ticket from your departure station to your destination in Serbia at a railway station.

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RO रोमानिया TR तुर्की

To travel from Romania to Turkey by train, buy your train ticket locally at a train station in Romania. There are no online tickets available.

The only direct rail connection between the two countries is the line via Bulgaria and the Svilengrad/Kapikule border crossing to Istanbul. Currently the night train from Bucharest and Sofia to Istanbul is the only service across the border.

In addition to this night train there are many bus connections available. These buses are quicker if you are travelling for example from Burgas (Bulgaria) to Istanbul.

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RO रोमानिया UA यूक्रेन

If you want to travel from Romania to Ukraine, buy your ticket locally at a station in Romania. There are no online tickets for international journeys available.

Currently, the only border crossing with international trains between Romania and Ukraine is between Suceava and Vadul Siret. There are two daily trains, one of which runs from Bucharest to Vadul Siret. At Vadul Siret there are gauge changing facilites and a night train from Bucharest to Kyiv runs here once weekly. You also have local trains connecting from Vadul Siret to Chernivtsi.

Another option to travel between the two countries is the border crossing between Sighetu Marmatiei and Solotvino. There are night trains from Timisoara and Bucharest to Sighetu, from where you can walk across the border to Solotvino in Ukraine. From there you can take the night train to Lviv or local trains towards Batovo, or travel by bus to Rakhiv from where you can also continue by train.

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