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Où acheter les réservations Eurail pour les trains en Pays-Bas. Informations sur les types de trains gratuits et avec réservation obligatoire.

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Arriva / ARRNL

Arriva NL (ARRI)

Arriva are privately operated trains on a number of secondary lines in northern and central Netherlands. They use a fleet of modern trains with...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

Breng / BRE

breng (BRE)

Breng are privately operated regional trains in the east of the Netherlands on suburban services from Arnhem. They use modern low-flor units with...

Vous ne pouvez pas voyager sur ce train avec Eurail!

Connexxion / CON

Connexxion (CON)

Connexxion operates regional trains on the secondary line between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen. They use modern air-conditioned low-floor units...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

Eurobahn RB / ERB

Eurobahn (ERB)

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

At St Pancras International

Eurostar / EST

Eurostar International (EST)

The Eurostar high speed trains connect London with Paris and Brussels through the Channel Tunnel, providing the fastest connections from the UK...

réservation obligatoire

2ème classe: EUR 30

1ère classe: EUR 38

Flixbus / FLIX

Flixbus (FLIX)

Vous ne pouvez pas voyager sur ce train avec Eurail!

IC InterCity Bus / ICBus

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

The IC Bus (Intercity Bus) of DB (German Railways) are running on a number of routes from Germany to several international destinations. Most...

réservation obligatoire

2ème classe: EUR 4,50

1ère classe: EUR 5,90

InterCity / IC

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity trains of NS (Dutch Railways) are the backbone of Dutch long-distance travel. Several different lines connect all important cities of...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

InterCity Brussels / IC B

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity Benelux services connect Amsterdam and Bruxelles via Rotterdam , Breda and Antwerpen every hour. They travel on the same high speed...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

InterCity Direct / ICD

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity Direct services connect Amsterdam with Rotterdam and Breda via the HSL Zuid high speed line which is also used by international Thalys...

soumis à des frais de réservation

2ème classe: EUR 0,70 - 3,70

1ère classe: EUR 1 - 4,80

IntercityExpress / ICE

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

IntercityExpress trains are the flagship long-distance trains of DB (German Railways), running at speeds of up to 300 km/h throughout Germany and...

Réservation possible mais pas obligatoire

2ème classe: EUR 4,50

1ère classe: EUR 5,90

Sprinter / SPR

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Sprinter trains are stopping trains running all over the Netherlands. Most trains are operated by new or refurbished EMU with air-condition and...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

Syntus / SYN

Syntus (SYN)

Privately operated Syntus regional trains run on the secondary line from Zutphen via Hengelo to Oldenzaal in the east of the Netherlands. They...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel


Thalys (THALYS)

Thalys is a high speed train operating from Paris to Brussels and onwards to either Amsterdam or Cologne. On the main route from Paris to...

réservation obligatoire

2ème classe: EUR 15-25

1ère classe: EUR 20-30

Veolia Netherlands / VEONL


Veolia operates regional trains in the east and south of the Netherlands. They use modern low-floor rolling stock with air-condition and seats in...

gratuit : aucun frais additionnel

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