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Barz Vlak/Fast Train / BV

Български държавни железници (BDZ)

Barz Vlak or Fast train are express trains operating on the main lines in Bulgaria. They are the backbone of the railway network offering the...

Expresen Vlak / FastЗР

Български държавни железници (BDZ)

Express trains or fast trains with compulsory reservation are the fastest trains in Bulgaria. They consist of refurbished coaches with 2nd and...

International Vlak (международни влак) / IV

Български държавни железници (BDZ)

International express trains connect Bulgaria with its neighbouring countries. Currently there are the following international trains to/from...

Patnicheski Vlak / P

Български държавни железници (BDZ)

Regional trains in Bulgaria are called Patnicheski Vlak. They are stopping services usually calling at all stations. The trains are usually 2nd...

Rhodopes / RHOD

Български държавни железници (BDZ)

The line from Septemvri to Dobrinishte is the only narrow gauge line of Bulgarian Railways BDZ. It runs through beautiful scenery in the Rila and...