Italia en tren

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Italia: Train tickets for trains of State Railways Trenitalia can easily be bought online, including several types of advance fare tickets (Economy and Super Economy fares). Tickets are also available at stations from ticket desks or ticket machines.
Tickets for high speed trains by private operator Italo are also available online.

IT Italia AL Albania

If you want to travel from Italy to Albania the direct way, you have to use a ferry. Ferry connections are available for example from Bari (Italy) to Durrës (Albania).

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IT Italia AT Austria

To travel by train from Italy to Austria, the most comfortable way is by direct night train. But there as well direct day trains available.
First buy a train ticket from your departure place in Italy to one of the night train departure cities. Then a second ticket for the night train to Austria. Departure of the night trains from Milan, Rome and Venice in direction of Austria (Salzburg, Vienna).

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IT Italia CH Suiza

Travelling by train from Italy to Switzerland: depending on your route, travel first from your departure station to Milan (buy a first ticket). From Milan to Switzerland (second ticket) by direct train.
Instead of the direct route to Switzerland, you can also have a very scenic trip. Read therefore our blog.

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IT Italia DE Alemania

To travel by train from Italy to Germany you have two main routes. The western one on the line Milan-Basel-Frankfurt and the eastern one Venice-Munich. Use the booking links we provide, there you will find as well special price tickets.
There are interesting night train connections from Rome, Venice and Milan to Germany.

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IT Italia ES España

To travel by train from Italy to Spain in one day is possible on the route Milan (Italy) to Barcelona (Spain). Please use the booking link we mention.

A more relaxing way is to have an overnight stop in between, for example in Nice (France).

If you want to use a ferry, have a look at the connection from Civitavecchia (Italy) by overnight ferry to Barcelona (Spain). Civitavecchia is located one hour away by train to Rome.

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IT Italia FR Francia

There are several daily train connections from Italy to France. You have good connections from every city in Italy to Milan. From there either directly to Paris or along the Mediterranean Sea. You can use as well the night train from Venice and Milan to Paris.
Please make use of the given booking links.

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IT Italia GR Grecia

To travel from Italy to Greece, you have to take the ferries of Minoan Lines or Superfast Ferries. These run from Bari, Ancona, Venice and Trieste via Igoumenitsa to Patras. All ferry ports except Igoumenitsa have railway connections.

Patras is located on the Peloponnes and has a railway connection to Athens. However, between Patras and Kiato currently a replacement bus service is operating. Igoumenitsa is located in the north of Greece and has bus connections to Kalambaka and Thessaloniki.

To Bari and Ancona you will find frequent train connections from cities such as Rome, Naples, Florence, Bologna and Milan.

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IT Italia MC Mónaco

To travel by train from Italy to Monaco first travel by Italian trains to the Italian-French border at Ventimiglia. There you change to a regional train to Monaco.

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IT Italia SI Eslovenia

There are no direct trains between Italy and Slovenia. Border crossing is possible between Villa Opicina/Sezana and Gorizia/Nova Gorica. It is quite easy with alternative modes of transport. Please read therefore our detailed blog.

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