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Cómo hacer reservas de Eurail para trenes de Países Bajos. Información sobre tipos de trenes gratis y trenes con reserva obligatoria.

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Arriva / ARRNL

Arriva NL (ARRI)

Arriva are privately operated trains on a number of secondary lines in northern and central Netherlands. They use a fleet of modern trains with...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

Breng / BRE

breng (BRE)

Breng are privately operated regional trains in the east of the Netherlands on suburban services from Arnhem. They use modern low-flor units with...

¡No puedes viajar en este tren con Eurail!

Connexxion / CON

Connexxion (CON)

Connexxion operates regional trains on the secondary line between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen. They use modern air-conditioned low-floor units...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

Eurobahn RB / ERB

Eurobahn (ERB)

gratis: sin cargo adicional

Flixbus / FLIX

Flixbus (FLIX)

¡No puedes viajar en este tren con Eurail!

IC InterCity Bus / ICBus

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

The IC Bus (Intercity Bus) of DB (German Railways) are running on a number of routes from Germany to several international destinations. Most...

requiere de coste adicional de reserva

2ª clase: EUR 4,50

1ª clase: EUR 5,90

InterCity / IC

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity trains of NS (Dutch Railways) are the backbone of Dutch long-distance travel. Several different lines connect all important cities of...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

InterCity Brussels / IC B

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity Benelux services connect Amsterdam and Bruxelles via Den Haag, Rotterdam and Antwerpen every hour. Unlike the high speed Thalys trains...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

InterCity Direct / ICD

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Intercity Direct services connect Amsterdam with Rotterdam and Breda via the HSL Zuid high speed line which is also used by international Thalys...

sujeto al pago de un suplemento

2ª clase: EUR 0,70 - 3,70

1ª clase: EUR 1 - 4,80

IntercityExpress / ICE

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

IntercityExpress trains are the flagship long-distance trains of DB (German Railways), running at speeds of up to 300 km/h throughout Germany and...

Es posible la reserva (coste adicional de reserva) pero no es obligatoria

2ª clase: EUR 4,50

1ª clase: EUR 5,90

Sprinter / SPR

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Sprinter trains are stopping trains running all over the Netherlands. Most trains are operated by new or refurbished EMU with air-condition and...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

Syntus / SYN

Syntus (SYN)

Privately operated Syntus regional trains run on the secondary line from Zutphen via Hengelo to Oldenzaal in the east of the Netherlands. They...

gratis: sin cargo adicional


Thalys (THALYS)

Thalys is a high speed train operating from Paris to Brussels and onwards to either Amsterdam or Cologne. On the main route from Paris to...

requiere de coste adicional de reserva

2ª clase: EUR 15-25

1ª clase: EUR 20-30

Veolia Netherlands / VEONL


Veolia operates regional trains in the east and south of the Netherlands. They use modern low-floor rolling stock with air-condition and seats in...

gratis: sin cargo adicional

NL  Eurail en Países Bajos

Cómo viajar con Eurail en Países Bajos. Resumen e información de rutas de viaje, tipos de trenes, trenes nocturnos y reservas con Eurail.


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