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Information about the train EuroCity (EC). How to book tickets for EuroCity (EC). Find photos and films about the train.

Eurocity trains are international express trains running from Budapest to Bratislava, Prague, Berlin and Warsaw. Most trains consist of coaches of Czech Railways, while the train to Berlin consists of coaches of Hungarian Railways and the train to Warsaw consists of Polish coaches.

- 2nd and 1st class seats
- air-condition
- power sockets
- facilites for the disabled
- bicycle transport
- restaurant car

   Budapest - Bratislava - Praha - Berlin | Budapest - Bratislava - Katowice - Warszawa

reservation possible but not required

2nd class: EUR 3

1st class: EUR 3

Buy the train ticket at a railway station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter. The ticket can be purchased at a station in the country of departure, also sometimes in other countries.