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How to travel in Switzerland by train: information, connections, blog and travel reports. Help in our forum to buy train tickets.

Switzerland: To travel in Switzerland by train, buy your ticket locally at a station. Online tickets are available for domestic routes and certain international connections. For international routes saver fares are available. Due to the high ticket prices, rail passes are a good option to save your money if you want to travel several legs. Please use the following booking links for more information. There you find as well exact schedules and ticket/pass prices.


Online timetable information, on which you can find relevant, up-to-date connections.

rail.cc / Deutsche BahnSBB


BLS BLS AGBLT Baselland TransportBOB Berner Oberland-BahnBRB Brienz-Rothorn-BahnBSG Bielersee SchifffahrtCGT Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Lac LémanCJ Chemins de fer du JuraDFB Dampfbahn Furka-BergstreckeFART Ferrovie autolinee regionali ticinesiFB ForchbahnFLPT Ferrovia Lugano-Ponte TresaFW Frauenfeld-Wil-BahnGGB GornergratbahnHB HarderbahnJB JungfraubahnLEB Chemin de fer Lausanne-Echallens-BercherLNM Société de navigation sur les lacs de Neuchâtel et Morat S.A.LSMS Stechelberg - Schilthorn LTB Ligerz-Tessenberg-BahnLYRIA LyriaMBC Transports de la région Morges-Bière-CossonayMGB Matterhorn Gotthard BahnMIB Meiringen-Innertkirchen-BahnMOB Montreux-Oberland-BernoisMVR Transports Montreux-Vevey-RivieraNStCM Chemin de fer Nyon-Saint-Cergue-MorezOeBB Oensingen-Balsthal-BahnPB PilatusbahnRA RegionalpsRB Rigi BahnenRBS Regionalverkehr Bern-SolothurnRhB Rhätische BahnSBB Schweizerische BundesbahnenSGV AG Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des VierwaldstätterseesSMF Stöckalp - Melchsee - FruttSMtS St. Imier - Mont Soleil SOB SüdostbahnSSIF Società Subalpina di Imprese FerroviarieSthB Stanserhorn-Bahn SZU Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg BahnTHURBO THURBO AGTILO Treni Regionali Ticino LombardiaTMR Transports de Martigny et RégionsTPC Transports Publics du ChablaisTPF Transports publics fribourgeoisTRAVYS Transports Vallée de Joux - Yverdon-les-Bains - Ste-CroixTRN Transports Régionaux NeuchâteloisURh Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und RheinWAB WengernalpbahnWB WaldenburgerbahnWSB Wynental- und SuhrentalbahnZB ZentralbahnZSG Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft AG

CH Switzerland AT Austria

To travel from Switzerland to Austria by train, use one of the frequent train connections. The direct Railjet trains offer as well discount tickets. It is possible to travel by night train from Zurich in direction of Vienna and Graz. Please use the given booking links to find schedules and ticket prices.

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CH Switzerland CZ Czech Republic

To travel by train from Switzerland to the Czech Republic, the most comfortable option is by direct night train from Zurich to Prague. Otherwise it is a longer trip either via Germany (Stuttgart/Nuremberg/Munich) or via Austria (Innsbruck/Linz).

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CH Switzerland DE Germany

To travel from Switzerland to Germany by train, use one of the frequent connections, also by night train. There are very attractive advance fares (Sparpreis Europa) available from Deutsche Bahn (German railways). Please use the given booking links to find schedules and ticket prices. As train travel within Switzerland is quite expensive the advance fares offered by Deutsche Bahn to many destinations in Germany are a very good deal.

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CH Switzerland ES Spain

To travel by train from Switzerland to Spain, you have several routes you can use. Either from Switzerland via Paris, via Mulhouse and Lyon or Geneva to Barcelona. Please have a look at the booking links we offer, there the best options will show up and you find ticket prices and schedules.
From Barcelona continue to your destination. If it is not possible to book your ticket in one step from Switzerland, add a second ticket for Spain via Renfe.

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CH Switzerland FR France

To travel from Switzerland to France by train, use one of the frequent high-speed train connections. There are direct trains from Switzerland (Basel and Zurich) to France (Paris). But also local trains, for example via Geneva if you want to travel to southern France. Please use the following booking links to find schedules and ticket prices, which depends on the date of your travel.

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CH Switzerland HR Croatia

If you want to travel from Switzerland to Croatia by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in Switzerland.

There is one daily night train available from Zurich (Switzerland) to Zagreb (Croatia).

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CH Switzerland HU Hungary

To travel by train from Switzerland to Hungary, you have a direct overnight train from Zurich to Budapest and one direct day train (Railjet).

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CH Switzerland IN India

To travel from Switzerland to India, there is no rail connection available. We recommend to book a direct flight via the given booking link. Train tickets in India are available via 12go.asia.

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CH Switzerland IT Italy

To travel from Switzerland to Italy by train, use one of the frequent connections. For example the direct EC trains from Zurich (Switzerland) to Milan (Italy). Milan is usually the city to change to further destinations in Italy. First buy a ticket from Switzerland to Milan. Then a second ticket from Milan to your final destination in Italy. Please use the following booking links to find schedules and ticket prices. In Italy discount tickets are often available if you avoid peak travel times. For long-distance travel in Italy, have a look at their night trains.

Instead of the direct route from Switzerland to Italy, you can also have a very scenic trip trough the Alps. Read therefore our blog.

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CH Switzerland LI Liechtenstein

To travel by train from Switzerland to Liechtenstein, you have to use a local train from Buchs SG (Switzerland). The railway line is operated by Austrian railways ÖBB. The station name for Vaduz (Liechtenstein) is Schaan-Vaduz.

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CH Switzerland MC Monaco

To travel by train from Switzerland to Monaco, your route is either via Italy (Ventimiglia and Milan) or via France (Nice).

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