01-06-2009 - 22:40

Strasbourg - Amsterdam
01-06-2009 - 22:40

I am in Eastern France from the end of June and need to get to Amsterdam for the 29th June. Which city is more convenient for getting to Amsterdam - Strasbourg or Nancy? I would like to travel on a Sunday or Monday if that makes any difference.
Thank you.



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Re: Strasbourg or Nancy to Amsterdam
01-06-2009 - 22:50

Makes no real difference, from both towns you have several daily connections (without any supplements) via Luxembourg and Bruxelles. Travel time ~8h30 - 9h30

Alternatively you could go by TGV to Paris and continue by Thalys - but that would be ~40€ and only an hour faster.



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Re: Strasbourg or Nancy to Amsterdam
01-06-2009 - 22:52

Neither really - the most convenient (and most expensive) route is via Paris, where Nancy is slightly faster, but Strasbourg has better connections into Germany if you wanted to do i with a few more changes and a bit cheaper



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