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Prepaid money cards or bank card ?
16-06-2012 - 11:07

Hi all!

Last question about my trip - I promise! :mrgreen:
My friends and I are going on our trip in just under 3 weeks now, and I'm wondering about how to take my money with me. I've changed up a bit of cash (I have 250 euros) to take with me at first. I was wondering how else to get money - I've seen those prepaid money cards but I don't want to have a set amount of money available. I don't actually know how much I'm going to need as a total.
I have 2 Visa debit cards that my 2 banks issued me that I use to withdraw money from ATMs in England - would you recommend that I use these to withdraw money abroad? I'm not fussed by fees, I don't think my banks charge me much, and was thinking of making one or two withdrawals only (when I run out of money, withdraw say, 200 euro that will last me for a while instead of withdrawing money every day).
I know to use cashpoints abroad your card has to say certain things - are Visa debits acceptable?




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Prepaid money cards or bank card ?
29-06-2012 - 11:10

you should have asked this at YOUR bank-and clearly state in which country you live and what bank you have when asking here. and DO (yes, do-dont be a twat that they can rob money off) also enquire as to what cost they have for foreign withdrawal-it may be much more as you now seem to think-again a case that we €users do not have to deal with.
these prepaid cards seem to be a tipical Brit thing and mostly have very high hidden costs-avoid them if at all possible. i cannot really see any advantage they have vs your normal bankcard, which for most you should be able to use-for direct paying or for cash withdrawals, as you would do in UK.
I really do not uderstand your last Q about what cards have ''to say''_I have never encountered a talking card. What cards should have (to the utter surprise of backward USAers) is a golden chip en a PIN with it-which UK was about the first one to adapt to.



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Prepaid money cards help needed
19-08-2012 - 23:31


is a prepaid money card the best option , can it be used to pay for hostels on arrival the reason why i ask is 1. for obvious reasons i dont want to carry lots of money on me. my second reason why im thinking this way is that with a prepaid card its not linked to your personal bank so its not such a big deal if it gets lost or stolen or am i still better taking my own personal credit card or visa bank card tht is linked to me its from the travel agents this prepaid mastercard is from that i load money on too. and if you think this is the best option what questions should i be asking the travel agent before I go ahead any advice on this would be great .



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