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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection
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[size=125:i7oreowp][b:i7oreowp]PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection[/b:i7oreowp][/size:i7oreowp]

Journey time: 4h (but a nice route)

[b:i7oreowp]PATRA (ΠΑΤΡΑ) - ATHENS or ATHINA (AΘΗΝΑ)[/b:i7oreowp]

:arrow: [b:i7oreowp]Schedules:[/b:i7oreowp] ... greece/978
Note: the trains are replaced by OSE buses on the part Patras to Kiato!

Departure every 30 minutes. Journey time: 2:30h. The[b:i7oreowp] main bus terminal[/b:i7oreowp] is just outside the [b:i7oreowp]PATRAS port entrance[/b:i7oreowp].
The bus terminal in [b:i7oreowp]ATHENS[/b:i7oreowp] is "[b:i7oreowp]Kifisos Intercity Bus Station[/b:i7oreowp]".
There are express and normal buses.
Fare: ~ EUR 15 (one-way).

[b:i7oreowp]Older information:[/b:i7oreowp]
[color=#999999:i7oreowp]Train | Departure | Arrival
[b:i7oreowp]309[/b:i7oreowp] 03:12 06:58
[b:i7oreowp]11[/b:i7oreowp] 05:30 08:58
[b:i7oreowp]301[/b:i7oreowp] 07:10 10:58
[b:i7oreowp]21[/b:i7oreowp] 10:34 14:00
[b:i7oreowp]303[/b:i7oreowp] 12:10 15:58
[b:i7oreowp]23[/b:i7oreowp] 14:35 18:01
[b:i7oreowp]305[/b:i7oreowp] 17:07 20:58
[b:i7oreowp]307[/b:i7oreowp] 18:06 21:58
[b:i7oreowp]25[/b:i7oreowp] 19:37 23:03
The basics are that all [i:i7oreowp]3-digit[/i:i7oreowp] trains are the normal slow trains and the [i:i7oreowp]2-digit[/i:i7oreowp] trains are IC trains (Attention: EUR 6-28 of supplements!).
Greece trains are often not in time! Calculate some extra time![/color:i7oreowp]

The station close to Athens is called [b:i7oreowp]Kiato[/b:i7oreowp]. There you move from the normal train to suburbian train (just from one platform to the other).

Train fare with NO InterRail Pass: ~18 EUR

:arrow: [b:i7oreowp]Information PATRAS[/b:i7oreowp]:

[color=#008000:i7oreowp][size=85:i7oreowp][b:i7oreowp]Update: Jan 2015[/b:i7oreowp][/size:i7oreowp][/color:i7oreowp]



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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection
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The connection between Kiato and Diakofto is served by buses from OSE since there are works on the rails at this part.
So the route goes Piraeus - Athens - Kiato by Proastiakos (Suburban train) / Kiato - Diakofto by OSE bus / Diakofto - Patras by scheduled trains by OSE
If you are a smiling low budget traveler use this route otherwise i suggest taking the bus from Patras to Athens. (The difference is around 6-7 euros and 1-1.30 hours)



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PATRAS - ATHENS | ferry / train connection
29-05-2011 - 13:08

these trains are also WITHDRAWN since early this year.
Most of the ferries have their own bus from right beside the quay to ATH-these may bring you further into the centre, but are likely to cost more as the normal KTEL-bus. Check the website of your ferry (there are several).



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