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The train/railway station of Paris (France). Schedules, address, opening times and lockers. Information bus station and airport.


Paris Gallieni Bus Station Paris Gallieni Bus Station
Gare Routière de Paris Gallieni

Bus station. Eurolines buses starting from here in direction of London. Terminus of the Metro line 3.

Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle TGV Station Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle TGV Station
Gare Aéroport Paris Charles-de-Gaulle TGV

The TGV railway station at the Charles-de-Gaulle international airport of Paris.

Paris Austerlitz Station Paris Austerlitz Station
Gare de Paris-Austerlitz

The railway station Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris (France).

Paris Bercy Station Paris Bercy Station
Gare de Paris-Bercy

The railway station Gare de Bercy in Paris (France). Photos from Feb 2012

Paris Lyon Station Paris Lyon Station
Paris Gare de Lyon

The terminal railway station Gare de Lyon in Paris France). "Gare de Lyon" is located in the southeast of the city, the 12th District (arrondissement). From here trains to run, for example, Lyon, Marseilles, Geneva, Turin. The exterior of the station is by the great clock tower very...

Paris East Station Paris East Station
Gare de Paris-Est

The railway station Gare de l'Est in Paris (France).

Paris North Station Paris North Station
Gare de Paris-Nord

The railway station Gare du Nord in Paris (Frankreich).

Paris Montparnasse Station Paris Montparnasse Station
Gare de Paris-Montparnasse

The railway terminal station Gare Montparnasse in Paris. It is located in the south-west of the city, in the 15th district (arrondissement). From here the trains start to the west and south-west, for example Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes, Quimper. On the roof of the station hall is a small park - the...

Paris Saint-Lazare Station Paris Saint-Lazare Station
Gare de Paris-Saint-Lazare

The railway station "Gare Saint-Lazare" in Paris (France). Photos from Feb 2012.

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