21-06-2008 - 16:57

Paris - San Sebastian
21-06-2008 - 16:57

Hi dear interrailers,
I´m from Germany and I am going to take a special train to Paris. From there I want to go to San Sebastian as quick as possible. I would like to know the departures and all the train before i arrive in Paris, because I don't want to loose much time. Do you know how I find them. The problem is that I don't speak frensh...And how do I know if I have to pay more for special trains??It would be so kind of you, if you could help me. Thank you very much,
best regards Elisa



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Paris - San Sebastian
22-06-2008 - 07:31

Hi Elisa ...

for train connections use this topic:
fill in the route you want to travel.

then always have a look at . there you will find all trains for which you have to pay supplements. just compare it to the travel details you get as connection.

for France for example: TGV 3-15 EUR (depending on the time/day you travel). for Spain just ... plement/es

Viel Spass,



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22-06-2008 - 14:33

Im in San sebastian at the moment, its beautiful. Im off to Bordeaux tomorrow, from what I can make out you would have to try and get a TGV (high speed) train to a place called Hendaya, in the South of France, then get a Eusko Tren from there to Donostia (Irun) Amara pretty much the centre of San Sebatian.

Not sure about the high speed trains but they seem pretty frequent, the Eusko Tren goes every few minutes from what I can make out but Im not sure the rail pass will work with them



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